Friday, October 31, 2008


Guys, would I be happier if I had you as my partner?

Ladies, would I be happier if I had your partners as my partner?

I like 'special' people. The retards, the genuinely crazy people, the senile.
Many people think they are useless.
But I believe their existance has a purpose in our lives.
They remind me to be grateful for being me.
Watching them is a humbling experience. You just feel like you want to make the most out of now before you lose the abilities and/or memories.
They remind you that some things are more important than worrying over work, money, silly fights with your neighbours.

Noone is ever useless. Not even if you think you are a failure.
"Perhaps, the only reason of my living, is as a reminder to other people" (I can't remember the source of this quote)

That's why I am against abortion. I am also against euthanasia. Who are we to decide who is worth living or not? Who are we to decide who would be a burden to the society?

I don't pity these people or the people who are taking care of them.
They are so special, sometimes, I want to be like them. So care-free, innocent and sincere.

Orang yang dah hilang akal, bila mati, confirm masuk syurga.
Isn't that everybody's ideal ultimate goal?


Weed and Bandages said...

yeah. Orang gila masuk syurga.

walaupun Mr.B tak nak anak, ms weed tak blame dia sangat, layan saja.

sebab doesnt mean dia tanak anak, dia langsung tak suka anak.

kalau jumpa budak syndrom down, autistic dia boleh layan!

*hargailah sesiapa saja yang ada disekeliling kita, ye dak?


qahina said...

You are so right! I can't find anything against this post - eventhough I'm one of those unique sceptic that values both sides of the fence (do I make sense??) coz pleasing people might have been an utmost priority.

Don't be another statistic. Keep on being non-judgemental! :)