Tuesday, October 21, 2008

shave it

A friend's sister was heavily pregnant when she asked for a huge a favour from my friend.
"I am gonna give birth to my baby soon," she said.
"So, I am going to prepare for that moment," she continued to say.
"The doctors and the midwives are going to see, you know, down there," then, she paused.

"Could you help me shave my pubic hair?"

"Hell, no!" my friend screamed.
Her sister pleaded, "Come on! I would do it myself if I could, but I can't, can I?" and she put her hand on her huge belly.
My friend still refused, "Your husband should do it for you, not me! I am not going to look at your vagina!"
"It's embarassing lah! You do it, you are my sister, there's nothing to be ashamed of."

What is this! Dengan your own spouse pun nak malu ke? He never stripped you down, meh?

I don't know what her sister said, but she did manage to make my friend shave her pubic hair in the end.


penyangak said...

could've passed my number, i mean i'm all for shaving a stranger's vagina.

marina said...

lol!!! a definite NO for the gals esp sisters! her husband is soooo the right person - pandai buat pandailah shave! *Laughs*

weed and bandages said...

WTF pic tu? hehe

weed and bandages said...

my B will do.

i'm sure! :)

the ectopy said...

maybe husband dia tak berani nak shave hers kot...takut tercalar...hahaha...
i've told this to my bf, he's all in for that! lagi excited ade lah...