Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bahasa jiwa bangsa

One fine morning...

Boy: Apa maksud read-dress?
Me: Read-dress? Macam mana spelling?
Boy: R-E-A-D-D-R-E-S-S
Me: (Mind goes wandering off after the letter 'A') Entah. I tak tahu maksudnya.
Boy: Maksudnya, tukar alamat.
Me: (Silent. Because of shock)

I took a deep breath and said, "That's RE-ADDRESS."

Boy: (Gelak-gelak malu) Haha! I salah baca!
Me: (Laughs along to minimise his humiliation)
Boy: You jangan bagitahu kawan you tau, malu I!
Me: You jangan buat I malu depan kawan I.

I'm a bit concerned with my boyfriend's command in the English language.

A little girl was fetched from the school by her grandparent. She was obviously upset, she cried all the way home.

"Kenapa nangis? Kena buli ke? Selalu main kejar-kejar. Hari ni jatuh ke? Ada orang pukul ke?"

That's how bad the crying was. Sampai orang ingat dia kena pukul.
She refused to tell and continued to sob.

Finally, she calmed down. She got a B for her Bahasa Melayu end-of-year exam. All of her friends scored As for the paper.

She's only 9. She isn't supposed to feel sad over her silly exam result!
The first time I felt competitive in my studies was when I was in standard 6!

Putting myself in her shoes, everyone expects her to do well in BM because she was one of the few selected Malay students in her class. The others must have teased her, or she simply felt bad because she was beaten by those who do not even speak Malay at home. She knows the only paper that keeps pulling her marks down is her BM paper. It was the end-of-year exam. It's stressful for her.

My niece has always had problems with his BM. We don't know how else to help her.

Boy: I dah tak boleh tengok YouTube lagi or several other websites.
Me: Why?
Boy: Dah kena block.
Me: Why?
Boy: Ada orang datang office, masuk website porn. I tak mahu orang tengok porn dalam computer I. Nanti office I tak berkat.

Okay. Semoga segala urusanmu diberkati.

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