Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i hope this wont create a violent controversy...

Hello, people, it's been a while, eh?
I want to write on several subjects, but everytime I try to compose a post, I could not finish it.

But today is different.

Okay, I am gonna write something short (because I am busy) and some of you might be offended by this. Before I proceed, I just want to apologize in advance if I ter'offend' you in any way.

It's about hijab/ tudung. This is just an opinion, betul atau tidak, tak tahulah.

When I was bloghopping just now, I read a sentence which, how shall I say put this, which I don't quite agree with.

The sentence goes like this: Pakai tudung tak semestinya tak boleh berfesyen tau!

I thought a real Muslim woman shouldn't care about style and fashion as long as the attire she puts on covers her aurat.
That's the reason why a Muslim woman don the tudung in the first place, right? To avoid attention.
So, why must you be fashionable and attract attention when one of main reasons of a hijab is to humble your appearance?
From my knowledge, you are not even supposed to wear bright colours, raise your voice unnecessarily, wear excessive blings blings, or/and wear noisy footwears, all in the name to persevere a Muslim woman's modesty.

So, how can a tudung and fashion intersect? Unless you are wearing your tudung for the wrong purpose or without adequate knowledge.
Fashion is duniawi, fashion is about making a statement, fashion is about to be noticed: Oh, wow, she is so fashionable!, Oh, look how stylish she is!, Oh, look at that girl with that cute top!.

I really don't mind if a Muslim woman wear a tudung and be fashionable at the same time, believe me, I have many friends in tudung and they all look amazing. I know that they know their attires are not perfect.
Just the way they know that I know exposing my hair to non-Muhrim is haram.
We have the knowledge, but we don't execute them.

Do you get my drift?

I am not condemning anybody who wears tudung and fashionable clothes together, as long as I know they wear them because they consciously decide to and they are fully aware the way they dress are not THE way, just half or maybe 3/4 of THE way.
They will get 'there' in time, stepwise. That, I understand. Drastic changes are usually 'Easy come, easy go'.
But, these people don't tell other people, Hey, look, I wear my tudung as my religion requires me to do so, follow me, I am the perfect example! when in fact, you are not.

What disturbs me is, the statement 'Pakai tudung tak semestinya tak boleh berfesyen tau' simply shows that the writer doesn't grasp firmly on the concept of a hijab.
It's juvenile to wear hijab without the most basic fundemental knowledge of the purpose of a hijab.
Nevertheless, I acknowledge and praise everyone who don the tudung.

Like I say, I am not trying to condemn anybody, this is just a piece of my mind. Good for everybody who wears the hijab (mengikut sunnah or not, I know, you are at least trying), you people are all better than me. :) I am so behind...Tak tahu bila nak catch up with you guys...

Kalau nak beramal, mesti berilmu.
Kalau dah berilmu, tapi tak mahu beramal...


weed and bandages said...


siapa marah tak bertempat terhadap entri ni mungkin baca tanpa berfikir.

sebenarnya dulu ms weed pakai tudung, tetapi timbul satu kesedaran (lebih kurang macam entri di atas) ms weed dah tak pakai.

lagipun ms weed pakai dari sekolah menengah.

niat tak pasti. sampai masuk itm. on off.

niat tak pasti lagi.

*sekarang dah tak pakai. pakai skaf ke rumah in law untuk hormat parents dia (ini pun salah purpose neh!)

*Ms Weed baca Muhd Abduh tentang perkara ni. buat ms weed terfikir.

*sebenarnya, membaca dan 'mencari' perlu, supaya tak main petik saja.

ok lah.. it is just a piece of mind, kalau ada yang tak setuju, well, oklah. elok ada pro and cons. ye tak?

Good Day!

the ectopy said...

glad to have one person who understands what i am trying to convey here!

Lollies said...


very well said and put. that was what I believe too. I said was doesn't mean I don't believe to do the same anymore. Tapi manusia (and I mean myself) are vain. Suka kecantikan. Dan nampak diri cantik. Dan because of iman nipis macam kulit bawang, nak juga orang nampak kita appear kemas dan cantik dan sikit-sikit bergaya. And try to justify our actions.

Having said that, I hope to restraint on jangan terover seperti nampak leher dan nampak dada, Insya Allah. Sebab err err kalau macam tu baik bukak aje terus. Ooopss sorry.

Having bebel as the above, probably one need to start somewhere. Wallahu3alam.