Wednesday, April 30, 2008

single and old.

The man who is more than 20 years older than me is really, not that bad. I will definitely recommend him for anyone who is looking for a decent man.

Ah, am I always this optimistic or is he really good? Hmm...

I never go out with him (because I don't want to mislead him) so I really don't know how he is like in private.

But after a year or more of knowing him, he gives me good advice and is not too persistent in dating me. I like his mature approach.

He is single, has never been married and he avoids the subject whenever I ask him for the reason. That's one of the many reasons why I am turned off by him: he should have just be honest with me if he wants a relationship with me.

I also respect him for having a good religious foundation. I know whoever he ends up with, he will take care of her. How many people do you know who listens to zikir while driving, huh? The funny thing is, he gives me subtle signs of interest by making me listen to songs that he selects. (Except recently, when he started to be forward about his feelings) When asked, "Oh, you like to listen to this kinda songs in the car?", he said he only listens to music on his computer because he prefers to listen to zikir in the car.

I don't know whether this kind of answer was intentional, as a way of saying, 'I am a religious man', or it was just an innocent slip of the tounge.

I said he is not too persistent because he never calls me in the middle of the night saying the creepiest thing. And he never directly calls me Sayang, Dear, Darling, only in SMSes. The most he would do is just an SMS once or twice a week, usually asking how am I doing. A typical SMS is like this, "How are you, dear? I hope you are doing fine. Eat properly, don't miss a prayer and take care. Miss you. *Kiss pipi* Sleep well."
Sometimes, I think he is so bapak-bapak. I tak reply la, of course, nanti boyfriend marah. I only reply if his SMS is clean ie: no kiss, no darling, no sayang.

But if he was indeed a decent man, that means I must be a decent girl too, because he wouldn't consider me if I wasn't decent for him! On the other hand, I don't think I am that decent, so, maybe, he is just an act.

He owns a company somewhere in Ampang. Yes, he is very stable. He is good with his nieces and nephews which means he likes children and we, women, like men who like children.

Anybody wants his number?

I spoke to many older (or would you prefer if I use the word 'wiser'?), single men out there and one of the frequently asked question is: Why are you still single?

This will eventually lead to: "Jodoh belum sampai" or some shit like that.

I love to provoke them with, "Perempuan kan ramai...Pilih satu. Bukan susah! You ada everything, tapi buat apa kalau you lonely."

At first, the usual reply will be, "I perlukan keserasian. Yang penting ialah hati dan perasaan!"

Yeah, right.

I know your reason. Because someone confessed this to me:

"Alang-alang dah kahwin lambat, baik I ambil yang muda, yang cantik...Sia-sia je la I tunggu lama-lama, tapi last-last I dapat yang kerani umur 30an. Buat apa! Buat kena gelak je...Kalau I nak isteri yang umur 34 tahun, baik I kahwin dengan dia masa I umur 24 tahun! Kalau I dapat yang muda muda, badan masih bergetah, bila I dah 60 tahun, I masih boleh guna dia lagi...Baru kawan-kawan I yang kahwin awal-awal tu jeles dengan I! Menyesal diorang kahwin awal!"

I see the logic behind that. Besides, it is easier for them to manipulate younger women.

So, I think, this man likes me not because of my personality or looks. He probably desires me because I am youngest girl in his phonebook. Soon, he will meet someone younger and he'll leave me alone.

["Kenapa you tak kahwin lagi? Girlfriend pun takde..."
"I rase sebab you gay. You mengaku sekarang, cepat!"]


jigsawpuzzle said...

the last para.... ntah apa2 la cik ectopy ni! -_-

p/s : im (temporarily) not on proxy, so i can leave many many comments! :D

miss sha said...

hi cik ectopy,miss sha adalah pembaca senyap blog anda dan sudah agak lama menyibok kt sini tp xpenah tinggal comment,hope you dun mind hehehe...lama plak u tak cite bout ur bf kt sini...nway psl this pakcik,takkan die gay kot.if gay takkan die minat u,unless die gay insaf le...

the ectopy said...

jigsawpuzzle: you are welcome to leave comments as many as you want!

miss sha: hello miss sha. bukan tak nak cerita pasal my bf, selalu je fikir nak cerita pasal dia, tapi pernah kena tegur dari seorang anonymous cakap i suke berlagak sebab cerita pasal my bf... :(

jigsawpuzzle said...

cerita je... your bf is exclusively yours.

penyangak said...

Assalamualaikum sayang. Sampai hati awak cakap saya 'old', sedangkan saya cuma tua sebulan sahaja daripada awak.

the ectopy said...

penyangak: betul ke you tua sebulan je dari i? are we of the same age? how do you know? acah eh? acah je kan...? hehehe

penyangak said...

mengikut anggaran daripada pemerhatian terhadap film film tertentu yang dibintangi kau. lawlz. gurau je doh.