Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Being the love doctor

A friend, D, cannot decide with whom he'd rather be with. He is in dilemma between three girls, so he sought for my opinion.

First of all, I don't know why men would want my opinion. If you are in love with her, you don't have to take my approval into account because your love is superior than my piece of mind. You don't need to know whether I think who is prettier than who or who do I think would be a better match for you.

"Why not you get to know all of them first and see who you are most comfortable with. You know, find the chemistry," I suggested.

"But isn't that like giving false hopes? I want to decide now so I will only pursue one. I don't want to break their hearts," he said.

"Eleh. How could you break their hearts? Entah-entah, they don't even have any feelings for you in the first place! Kawan je..." lelaki ni memang kadang-kadang suka perasan.

"Err...Girl Number 1 is definitely waiting for me. I think Girl Number 2 is hoping for me as well," he said.

"It's your fault! Who told you to layan layan them sampai they think they are special huh! Sekarang, you choose whoever pun, it will still break one of their hearts," I scolded him, I felt like giving him a smack in his head.

"There's nothing going on with me and Girl Number 3 though!" he said as if that would make the situation less complicated.

"Kalau there's nothing going on between you and Girl Number 3, why are you even considering her! If you decide to go for her, you don't know whether she will like you back or not, and what if she doesn't, then you have to start all over again because you already dumped the other two," was my opinion.

"So, tell me, which one should I choose?" he asked.

"Eh, I don't even know any of them. You pikir sendiri lah...Why are you in such a rush, anyway? Let love come to you...Just go with the flow. When the right person and the right time come, you will know, tak payah pening-pening kepala macam ni," I spoke like a love doctor.

"Yes, I think so too. But, I don't want to waste their time. I don't want to play with their hearts because I don't want to feel guilty if things don't work out between us. These ladies are not getting younger. Girl Number 2 is 24, so, if something happens between us, she still has the time to find someone else to replace me. Girl Number 1 is 26, it's kinda late for her if I leave her halfway in the relationship, don't you think?" he said.

He continued to say, "I want to decide now because I don't want to be accused of making them wait for me."

Eh, boleh pulak this guy think of the possibilities of leaving his girlfriend halfway in the relationship if things don't work out. Belum a couple lagi, dah think too much, such a pessimist summore!

Wah, hebat sangat ke sampai boleh main pilih pilih perempuan macam tu?

And who says when a woman reach 26 years of age, it would be difficult for her to find her soulmate. Tua sangat ke sampai tak laku?

Anyway, my final advice to him was, "Don't over-analyse things. Kenapa you fikir jauh sangat ni? Complicated la! Suruh mak you carikan je, senang!"

"Dah suruh, my mom tanak carikan!" sempat lagi dia nak menjawab.


penyangak said...

we shud be chat buddies you know. can't you create a fake instant messenger account for this moniker of yours or something. plus i have like a dozen ladies waiting for my love and i need your advice on which ones need it the most. i would bet a lot on girl #7 tho she has the largest breast. but girl #8 has the most ass. girl #12 has the potential to have pink nipples. oh the dilemma help me.

ectopy said...

Boleh, boleh. Chat guna gtalk, then I could give you a virtual smack on your head!

gravtkills said...

definitely overanalyzing

coops said...

confusing la guys ni, kan? dunno what they want actually! but hey, u ni mmg boleh jd dokter cinta!! hehe.

the ectopy said...

gravtkills: thats what you get when you have a very, very, very sensible man. i bet he will get married atas dasar convenience, bukan sebab cinta

coops: i tak rela...

green apple said...

cuba suruh budak tu tanya aku sket meh aku tengok aku nak jawab guna mulut ke guna kaki.

'saya adelah sangat hensem sebab tu mereka-mereka mendambakan chenta saya!'

so now where should i find a place to throw up? sini boleh ke? hihihi.