Sunday, April 6, 2008

The egg.

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The friend occasionally gets panic attack and sometimes when she becomes really nervous, she freezes. Or, the friend would simply leave without excusing herself.
One day, she decided to ask the friend, "I hope you don't mind with me asking, but what happened to you? Do you have a problem? Why do you skip work, why are you not paying attention like you used to, why do you get panic attacks over the slightest thing?"

She took a deep breath and waited a few minutes before constructing her sentence.

"Remember last year, you told me about your friend who was having an abortion?" the friend ask.

She nodded. Of course she remembers. It was last year that she helped another girl to abort her bastard child.
The friend continued, "Well...I went through the same thing."

The friend is going to hit 30 soon and her biological clock is ticking. She wanted to keep the child she was carrying but her boyfriend was not ready yet. She admitted it was traumatising for her. It affects her life completely and she doesn't know when she will recover from it.

"Nobody knows about this. Please don't tell anyone," the friend pleaded.


redSeptember said...

a life is a gift. treasure it.

good luck in everything

penyangak said...

ergh. vegans. hate 'em. they're not concerned about the life of plants at all.

the ectopy said...

i agree, penyangak. they think plants tu takde nyawa ke? lepas tu, they treat us as if we are so cruel for eating animals...vegans suck. i tasted burgers made of soy before, yuck!

Genie said...

yeah..penyangak..buat pandai tanggung tak pandai..hate them seriously!