Friday, April 25, 2008


I feel guilty because

I thought my friend's fiance was too good-looking for her.
They are no longer together.

I feel like my evil thoughts had contributed to their failed relationship.

It must be difficult for her because she took one-year-off from everything she was doing that time before deciding to tell me.

I am never really jealous with friends who score good-looking guys, more like, "Oh my God, he is so hot! How do you manage to get this fine creature!" kinda thing. Come to think of it, it is quite normal to see couples we often think do not suit each other physically. It makes the world go round, doesn't it?

If good-looking women only stick to good-looking men and vice versa, our offsprings will consist of two extremes only, the gorgeous ones and the ugly ones. God is wise, He pairs us up so the world will be balanced.

When I was in my teenage years, I always wonder how ugly some people are, I don't think anybody will marry them. I was afraid nobody will marry me.
Sometimes, I looked at the older people and imagined how they must have looked like when they were younger. Most of them were not good-looking, but they ended up spending most of their lifetime with their other-halves anyway. That was how I told myself I will be alright and I need not to worry about my future. I will find somebody who adores me just the way I am.

I was being the typical teenager, I had too much time day-dreaming and thinking craps on the unnecessaries.

Like now, suddenly I am reminded of one of my bestfriends' father.
He was so good-looking (and still is), most of us drooled saliva just by looking at him. We were 14 or 15 years old and he was 40+ when we started to vote him as the most desirable father.

We fell in love with him even more because he used to drive the latest Mercedes sports car and a Porsche. So bergaya.

My friend was pretty and had a mature look, so people always mistakenly thought she was her father's mistress because her father would pick her up in a sports car.

Her father was the main reason I always dream of marrying an architect. Whenever I think of an architect, I would think of her father and automatically, I would have the finest impression on architects. No, you don't have to show his face to me, I just know architects are good-looking and will definitely be my type. Tell me, have you ever seen an ugly architect? A short architect, maybe, but never ugly! :)

It's funny because I never really had a crush on a teacher, but on my bestfriend's father instead!

Wait, I did have a crush on my ustadz when I was in standard five. I remember the day he showed me a picture of his fiance, I thought she was too ugly for him. Haha!

I just talked rubbish, didn't I?

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