Friday, November 30, 2007


One day after the argument (which I wrote about below), my boyfriend called me telling his good news:
"I am building 47 houses. Now, choose which house do you want? A corner lot?" there was pride in his voice.
It took me a few seconds to think for a comeback, "Projek tu dekat Terengganu kan? I don't want to live in Terengganu! Do you want to live in Terengganu?"
He laughed, "No. Tapi semalam you bising-bising I tak beli rumah kan? See...I know la what to do...You don't worry okay...Hal rumah ni kecil je...Kalau ade rumah yang sesuai, I beli cepat-cepat. Bukan I tak nak beli, I just want to buy a house that we both like".


My boyfriend totally understands why sometimes I can be so impatient.

If my parents found out about this, they will add another reason to their 'Why he is not suitable for our daughter' list. I could imagine the conversation would go like this:

- So, he doesn't have a house eh? Is he expecting you to support him after this? What kind of man is he?
(But father, mother, it's not like he doesn't have a stable income, he's just...)
- We think he is irresponsible. Don't expect him to change after marriage.
- Your brothers bought their own houses before their marriages. Even you have a house!
(Tapi dia baik!)
- Macam dia seorang lelaki yang baik dekat dunia ni. Ramai lagi lelaki yang baik dan bertanggungjawab.
(He's not irresponsible!)

Then, the same things will be repeated, nothing new here:

- How do you know? He spends his money on cars, isn't he? Are you even sure he's using his own money?
- He doesn't look like he could afford it. He could be a drug dealer.
(How could you! Okay, fine, does this mean I could date anyone who is rich like a photographer, a chef, a F1 driver or a footballer?)
- We don't understand why you can't fall in love with a professional or someone who has a Master degree or something!
(He is not stupid!)
- Your friend, ** married an accountant. **'s boyfriend is a doctor, isn't he? Your friend, the architect or that engineer or that guy who is the son of so and so, he comes from a good family. Why don't you flirt them? Zaman sekarang, dah tak kisah kalau perempuan mulakan dulu. Jangan takut...
(Dah tak suka! Nak buat macam mana!)
- Tak kisahlah siapa pun, asalkan kerja bagus! Awak tu perempuan, belajar tinggi-tinggi, takkan nak settle dengan someone like him...
(He is not stupid and he is successful in what he's doing! Buat apa dapat lelaki gaji besar tapi kaki minum dan tak sembahyang!)
- Eh, pandai-pandai cakap orang tu tak sembahyang.
(Habis tu, father and mother accused my boyfriend for dealing drugs, tak ape pulak?)

I swear if my parents are rich and fanatic enough to protect me, they'll hire a private investigator just to prove my boyfriend is a drug dealer.

Just because he is not handsome, it doesn't mean he cannot afford good cars! If you look really close, he's not that bad! Ada manisnya jugak!
Macamlah my brothers tu handsome sangat. My parents are comparing my boyfriend with my ex-boyfriend, memanglah tak sama!

Besides, I prefer someone who is humble, down to earth and full of surprises rather than someone who just looks the part but actually very cold, mean and empty inside.
I am the one who requested him to pick me up in a lorry just to annoy my colleagues. He never done it though, because he doesn't have a lorry license. When I asked him to let the lorry driver drive the lorry, he refused because he doesn't want me to be sandwiched between him and the driver. "The lorry driver could have naughty hands," he said.

Come to think of it, father probably would have his heart attack if he ever sees me in a lorry.
"Father, look! My boyfriend has a chauffeur too! He drives a lorry! Do you still think he is a drug dealer who sells drugs on his lorry?"

I think my parents will be very happy if I could get someone like Dr. SMS (the astronout) to fall in love with me. But, of course, I should be as pretty and smart as his girlfriend, Dr. Halina, if I'm not mistaken her name is. I am not!
Maybe I should aim that second astronout instead, Dr. Faiz. Engku Emran? He's taken. Or that 76-year-old Tan Sri of Sapura?

A commenter of my previous post said this: Men do things at their own pace and they don't update all the little progress to their partners, unlike women.

That's very true and actually, I am very aware of this. I think most women are, we just can be impatient sometimes.

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