Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Give back to the society.

Aiyo...I had a typo in my previous previous entry. No, it wasn't a typo, I made a mistake in choosing the correct word to describe my boyfriend. I didn't realized about it until 'eff' pointed that out. I guess, my mind was really in a mess that time. I meant the opposite.

Most people like him la, okay?

Oh, another thing I should mention in my 'About me', my English is not perfect. I sometimes struggle to write in English. My grammar is all over the place. My vocabulary is limited.

So, why not write in Malay, some of you may ask. I do, sometimes. I just want to get out from my comfort zone. And writing in English is my tool to mask myself. Some people could recognize the similarities in the way I speak and write.


In highschool, I had always dreamt to obtain a license and freely drive the car to wherever I want. I wanted to do charity work because I knew I would have all the time in the world to do something beneficial for the society.

After I finished school, I began to search for charity home adresses. My tendency was towards rumah kebajikan orang miskin rather than orphanages.
Most people would donate to orphans.
Most people forget about the poor.

I may not have the money to give, but I wished to teach the underprivilage kids.

I had the addresses, but I never go to visit them.
I didn't know how I would approach them. I didn't know how they would welcome a lonely 17-year-old girl.
My friends were not interested. Most of them were already busy in colleges.

Two years passed by.

I was involved in a charity work for indigenous school kids.

It felt good because I felt like I was contributing to the society.

"Bapa saya kerja kilang, mak saya tak kerja," one them said.
"Kami bukan macam kakak-kakak dan abang-abang semua. Kami tak pandai belajar."
"Cita-cita saya nak jadi pak guard!"

I forgot about my experience with them until yesterday.

And today, I wish I had the power to change the world.


mz ayam said...

hey ectopy,

wanna join me teaching some underprivileged kids? :)

the ectopy said...

thats very nice of you!
but i have to decline for the moment.
i cant commit yet, i need to settle down first. maybe i'll contact you after two years. i will be permanently in malaysia then.

anis said...

Hmmm.... You're not in M'sia, aren't you? Well I shall wait-Insya Allah.

Good luck -- I hope everything would be fine for you. :)