Monday, November 19, 2007

Panic attack.

So much is going on with my mind right now.

I am scared seeing couples who were married last year, or last two years but are now divorced.

They don't have children yet, perhaps that's why it is so easy to walk out on each other?

But isn't it too early?
On the other hand, isn't ending it now better than dragging it until it is too late?

They have known and loved each other for years, 5 years at least, before tying the knot.
Now it all means nothing.

My boyfriend and I? Are we strong enough?

I am frightened to see how some people lie too.

"Hello, I am single, and those are not my children, I don't know them. In fact, I have never seen them in my life."

"I swear, in the name of God!"

What my boyfriend tells to comfort me may have some truth in it afterall.
"Biar susah sekarang, tapi nanti kita bahagia, okay?"

1 comment:

coops said...

dun worry.. to me, whether u have children or not, if u love each other, divorce is never a question ;) u're gonna be gr8 dear...