Monday, October 1, 2007


According to plan, we should be married in several months. I did solat istikharah a couple of times already, but I haven't dreamt anything solid yet.

Why is it so hard for us to get married? My boyfriend said, other people might get married easily, but they might face problems later on. We should be grateful, because if we could overcome this test, insyaAllah, everthing else would be much smoother in the future. I want to believe him. I think he is right.

So, in a few months, we'll get married and it'll be our secret for two years. We are sure by that time, my parents would have been too tired to separate us and they'd give in and allow us to be together. Then, we'd get married all over again and pretend like we are virgins. We just have to be patient.


"Sayang, parents are correct in most things, but not everything," he said.

We decide to get married because it is better to make it halal than going on like this. We want the Almighty's berkat. I think 'bercinta' unofficially is a burden. I feel guilty all over, like I've sinned.

"Are you sure this is the best thing to do?" I asked.

"Why is getting married so bad? Kan Allah suka orang yang berkahwin, kita bukan nak buat benda jahat. Lebih baik kita bercinta, dapat berkat dan pahala, daripada bercinta macam ni, kumpul dosa. We've been together for one year, berapa lama lagi kena bercinta macam ni...You've known me enough, you've met my parents, my families, my friends, everything is settled on my side. I want to love you, to take care of you, to be with you when you need me, but I can't if I am not married to you. Nak kumpul dosa sampai bila?" my boyfriend tried to convince me.

True, but the only thing that makes me a bit reluctant is the fear if my parents ever find out about our secret.



Hansac said...


Hansac said...

Nak cakap satu benda lagi, turut dan patuh pada ibubapa atas semua perkara kecuali perkara yang menyalahi syariat.

Takut dengan ALLAH lebih dari takut dengan ibubapa.

gravtkills said...

follow yr heart

Anonymous1 said...

Well, theres a lot pro and con..

"Nasi Lemak Buah Bidara
Daun Selasih Hamba Lurutkan....(u know the rest)"

Fikir semasak-masaknya..

Hansac said...

Orang yang menghalang atau cuba mempengaruhi orang supaya jangan kahwin ini, kebanyakannya tertipu dengan syaitan.

Adalah lebih baik kahwin/cerai/kahwin/cerai daripada berzina sekali.

Bukannya kita nak menggalakkan perceraian, tapi ALLAH lebih mengetahui.

the ectopy said...

Thank you. Thank you.