Sunday, October 7, 2007

My first 20 postsecrets.

1- I want to send in my secrets but I can't find the time.

2- I want to send in my secrets but I don't know how my postcards should look like.

3- I want to send in my secrets but I'm afraid someone would know it's me.

4- I cry when I read their secrets on the website.

5- I wish had an archive so I could go through all previous secrets. All I could do now is search 'postsecrets' on youtube.

6- My parents are not as bad as I described them in my blog. They are good in everything else.

7- I wish I could be a housewife. But that would be such a waste to all the years in university. And nobody supports me in this, not even my boyfriend.

8- After I give birth, I want to take some years off from working and spend my time with my baby. When I told this to my friends, they laughed. As if I was being an unreasonable career woman.

9- I sometimes, just want to be: ORDINARY. Because I am not that special, really. It is easier that way.

10- I waste time. I hate it. But I can't find a solution to this problem.

11- I don't want to be a role model because I am not perfect.

12- I wish karma didn't exist. I don't want the bad things I did to repeat themselves on me.

13- I miss my friends when we were in high schools. Those times were so much fun. I hate drifting away from them.

14- My new friends are not the same like my highschool friends. I feel so lonely.

15- Sometimes, I want them to know I'm in pain, even though I am smiling.

16- How I wish it was easy to quit...But life is not that simple.

17- I used to have crushes on bloggers. Because I imagine they were as beautiful as what they've written.

18- I want to make friends with other bloggers, but I have to remain anonymous.


20- God has given me most things and I am grateful. But sometimes, I forget and I pretend like I am inadequate so I could complaint like everyone else, just so to be a part of the rest of the world. Because life is not perfect, ain't it?


Ms J said...

i salute you for your honesty in sharing your secrets in your blog. the most importnat thing in life (to me at least)is to be true to one's feelings, no matter what the consequences.

the ectopy said...

=) thanx

Anonymous said...

You sound like a girl with vision. Trust me, there's nothing wrong about being a housewife even after earning a degree. I went to a top school in US, and I chose to leave my career to make my marriage work. Now, I'm a part-time student, I'm free to enrich myself with practical knowledge and continue being an informed wife, and hopefully, a knowledgeable mother. Follow your instinct, when in doubt, seek for help; have faith that Allah will guide you to the right path. You'll be ok. :)