Friday, October 5, 2007


Last night, my boyfriend and I had a long conversation about our wedding budget.

"Do you realize how much money you have to spend for the wedding?" I asked.

What I told him:

First nikah
- Flight tickets
- A ring and a necklace (because I won't be wearing the ring on my finger to avoid suspicion)
- RM5000 (elaun sara diri/ hantaran)
- pocket money
Total: RM20000

- A new ring (he cannot be 'buruk siku' and recycle our initial nikah ring!)
- Barang-barang hantaran atas dulang
Total: RM3000

Second nikah
- A platinum ring (as demanded, hehe)
- Hantaran RM10000- RM15000 (mother and father will decide on this)
- Hantaran atas dulang
- The kenduri
Total: RM50000

- A house (he planned to build our house since he already has the land but I told him to get a nice little apartment for us first)
- Cars (he wants to buy a new car for himself but what's more important is he has to buy a new car for me!)
- Honeymoon
- House furnitures
Total: RM80000 (honeymoon + down payments)


"You have two years to find at least half of that, no more shopping spree for you after this!" I said.
"I dah lama tak shopping tau. What about you? How much do you have to spend?" he asked.
"Well, there would only be one kenduri on my side, but I think my parents would cover for that. Most of the guests would be their friends anyway! I probably will have to pay half of that and I'll pay for the hantaran as well. That's all," I answered with a smile.
His comment to that was, "Senangnya jadi perempuan!"

"And don't forget, you have to have savings too! For our future, for our children," I reminded him.
"Of course, of course, I've planned everything. Lets just hope we'll get the projects," he said.
"What if..." I was thinking the possibility of not getting the tenders.
"We'll get the projects. Don't worry. I also have plan B just in case. But I'll get the money. Duit dekat mana-mana pun boleh cari, sayang. Cuma kena usaha, bukan susah sangat. Nak cari soulmate tu yang susah..."

Aww...Isn't he sweet? I know he has savings in his accounts, I just don't know how much he has prepared for us. Anyway, all the best to him, he'll get the projects because I know he is good in what he is doing.

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