Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Work is not too busy currently. But, I am overwhelmed with personal issues and...Well, work.
As I wrote earlier, I had a bad 2 weeks, been dreaming about work, clients and other stuff I don't want to think about when I am sleeping ie: resting. I have headaches so often...

Anyway, last night, I dreamt I was back at the place where I completed my tertiary education. I was shopping, meeting my old friends and it was a great dream!

I went to work as usual. In between, I texted my husband about my dream. Then, I told him that we should go for a holiday. Or for a karaoke at least. I haven't screamed in a very long time. Maybe it would help. He didn't reply.

At about 4.30pm, I decided to perform Asar before heading home. I was all alone and suddenly, I cried. Just a little. I don't know lah. I thought about my past sins and everything.

After I finished my doa, I grabbed my phone. My husband had sent me a reply, telling me he's at the house waiting for me to come home. Surprise!

Alhamdulillah! My mood turned 360 degrees. I instantly became happy! Thank you, God, for still loving me, and thank you God, for this surprise gift.

It was indeed a miracle. Within 5 minutes, I was all smiles, recovering from my tears.

Allah is here, looking after me afterall...I feel so loved...

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