Sunday, April 26, 2015

My niece was using my laptop to watch cooking shows lah, Pocoyo lah, Upin dan Ipin lah, when suddenly she asked me, "Auntie Ectopy, semua orang tua akan mati ke?" and I said, "Yes." Then, she asked me, "Like Tok *****?"

Father. It's so nice that everybody in this family, adults and the kids, still remember Father. He had left us for about 4 years now...Which means, my two nieces were 3 years old when he passed away.

Even my son, who has never met Father, and who has not talked yet (oh, my!!!), would sometimes grunts at his pictures, which are hanging along the stairs. And I would say, "Yes...That's Tok *****."

Yesterday, we went to visit my aunt and uncle. My uncle commented that my son looks like his grandfather. I agree. My husband agrees. When my son was born, he didn't look so much like neither me nor my husband. When we studied his face, we came to a conclusion that he looks like Father. Even the way my son walks sometimes, resembles how Father walked.

I'm so bad. I rarely visit Father's grave. I hope by remembering him in my prayers would be enough. Sometimes, when I'm mad at my brothers, I remind myself that at least they go to Father's grave more often than I do.

People might think my eldest brother is such a lazy bum. I mean, he's smart, but he's so lazy...Tapi, dia yang paling rajin pergi kubur and he keeps Father's grave neat.

His kids are regulars too. Sometimes, when two of my nieces meet, their conversation goes like, "Dah lama tak pergi kubur Tok *****." The other would say, "Ha ah lah...Dah lama dah tak pergi. Papa! Kenapa kita dah lama tak pergi kubur Tok *****? Nanti kita cuti, kita pergi tau!"


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