Sunday, April 12, 2015

Damn, sometimes I feel like I just want to quit this rat race. I just want to chill, and focus on something else, something new.

I talk to myself a lot, not out loud, but in my head. It makes my head hurt. Sometimes, all I want to do is to fall asleep so I can get some rest and think about other things, but I wake up tired because I've been dreaming the stuff I want to avoid in the first place!

So annoying.

I wish I can tell my husband more about what's going on in my mind/ life. I'm sure he will be wonderful about it, but I prefer to keep quiet. I have this fear that his replies won't satisfy me. Or, he won't understand and I'd end up explaining more to him about my situation than me expressing myself --> it'll defeat the purpose of telling him in the first place.

I just want a peaceful mind. Like, please, voices in head, just shut up and stop thinking too much.

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