Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I have lots of stories to share but it's really hard to vent when I am using the phone! The Internet issue still has not resolved yet which is majorly annoying.

I have been feeling demotivated for the whole week. It's probably related to the fact that I am looking forward for the long leave. Plus today, I received an official letter which requires me to sacrifice some of my holiday for the big presentation on the 26th. Why!

This letter is connected to the project a few months ago (wrote about it before, even then was stressful enough) and it is connected to that something I was supposed to get but did not get and got very frustrated.
So how could I not be demotivated about it when all I can think of is, "What is the point?"

Rasa nak tarik diri je kalau boleh. Tapi tak boleh.

Anyway...Received an automated SMS saying I won something. Entered the contest a couple of months back, I didn't even buy the magazine, haha. It was my colleague's, saw it lying around so I flipped through and got interested in one of the prizes. The one that I won is not the grand prize though.

Husband thought the text message was a hoax. So we went to the store to check for my name, in printed version. Cis, dia ingat I ni tak bertuah ke...


Anonymous said...

U pakai broadband jenama apa?
I heard some of it still sucks walaupun beria promo "janji ditepati"

the ectopy said...

I pakai p1.I was happy at first, but now I dont think I would recommend it.sorry p1,but u upset me.