Sunday, November 11, 2012

A quick update. Just thought of sharing a few new favourite blog, website and app worth mentioning.

Been reading it since it was mentioned in Reader's Digest a few months back. I remember the times when my mission was to finish reading the blog from the very first post.

Love the hair tutorials especially!


I think my brain has shrunk a bit ever since I left university. This app is great because now I can learn again by listening to interesting talks even while driving (you can choose the audio version). That makes me feel a little bit smarter. Haha.

Oh, I forgot to mention these two below

Laugh at the stupid things people write on facebook!

This is my feel good site. I totally can relate.


SL said...

Thanks for sharing! Like it!

The Tea Drinker said...

thank you. you helped me increase the number of sites i visit everyday to the nifty number of 4.

seriously i don't know what to browse for anymore.

the ectopy said...

I get you ...I pun tak tau nak pegi mana lagi ...boring dah

The Tea Drinker said...

kinda funny kan. billions of websites in the world and still dunno what else to look at.

Anonymous said...

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