Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is the continuation from the previous post:


Our big group consisted of 30 people. Out of the 30, there were 6 Malaysians, Joe and I were the only Malays. Naturally, we tend to stick together.

Doctor: So, you are married? Where is your husband?
Me: He is not into this thing.
Doctor: It's good to see couples that are independent.
Me: Oh, I've known him for many years before we got married. And we used to be in long distance relationship. So, we trust each other.


Me: Hi, doggie! (Waving at the dog)
Doctor: You are not afraid of the dogs? You are so different than the other Malays I know.

Well, obviously, you need to have more Malay friends!


In the jungle.

Me: She's pretty.
Joe: Mehh...Okay je...
Sally: She looks like Eva Mendes.
Joe: She's buncit!
Me: Body dia cantiklah!
Joe: Dia ada perut...
Me: Biasalah ada perut sikit!
Joe: Mehh...She's okay je lah...

Back from the hotspring.

Joe: I told you, dia ada perut!
Me: Mana you tau?
Joe: Dia kan pakai swimming suit tadi. Buncit!

Me: How did they all know they should bring swimsuits?
Joe: It's one of the essentials lah...You don't know because it's your first time doing things like this. I pun bawak my swimming shorts.
Sally: But...We are going up up up. We are not at the beach. Who would've thought...
Joe: It's very useful. You can wear it for swimming, in case tempat tu takde toilet. As underwear...It's lightweight, durable and it dries up quickly.


Me: Now that I've seen her up close, yeah, she's not that pretty...
Sally: I think so too! It's probably the dehydration. We were imagining things...Haha.
Joe: I dah cakap dah...Biase je dia tu...

Sally: Her name is Nabila. She's Canadian. She said she'll be staying her til the end of the month.
Me: Oh, dia tak sedih ke tak celebrate Raya Haji?
Sally: She's not that kind of Muslims.
Me: ...
Sally: I mean, she's not like you and Joe.

There are many kinds of Muslims.


Joe: Before we came, I talked to my girlfriend, Didie. She asked me, "Betulke you nak pergi dengan Ectopy and Sally ni?"
Me: Kenapa pulak?
Joe: Dia kata, "Boleh ke Ectopy tu...? Sally tu okay lah jugak...Tapi Ectopy tu macam lemah je..."
Me: (Tak guna betul kutuk I) Haha. So, what do you think?
Joe: I expected you to do the worst actually. Sally selalu cakap, "Oh, I do this all the time," "I travel a lot," "I go to the gym to work out." Jadi, dia patutnya fit lah.
Me: So, you underestimate I lah? Oh, my God!
Joe: Yeah...Look at you...
Me: You better tell Didie I am way better than what she thinks of me. And I don't even train for this. So, kira okaylah ni!

Joe: Sally is so slow...
Me: But she's happy all the time. I don't know how she does it.
Joe: She's using up her energy to talk and laugh instead of walking. And I can't walk too fast in case she gets thirsty and needs water...

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