Saturday, November 17, 2012

During the early years of marriage, we need to save a lot money.

Since my wedding was small affair and I didn't invite a lot of people, I also didn't get a lot of wedding gifts.

We got a blender among our gifts, so yeay, tak payah beli blender. Make use of what we have!

A simple blender:

But this blender sucks. It doesn't blend well. Macam mana I nak buat mash potato!

I dream of having a food processor like the ones the chefs use on TV:


I imagine the food I can make with this blender.

The problem is...I bukannya selalu masak and this thing is quite expensive. Besides, I used to tell myself not to get too carried away since I don't plan to be permanent here. Nanti nak pindah susah pulak nak angkut barang banyak banyak.

Sebab I selalu suka tengok rancangan masakan, I rasa awesomenye kalau ada blender macam ni:

Just put in the pot and wallah, nice, silky soup!

I didn't crave having it because, like I said, I tak masak selalu. Kenalah praktikal kan.

But how can I resist when it costs only RM169!

So tadi I dah berjaya buat ayam percik...Hehe...

Lepas ni nak buat sup terus blend dalam pot pulak...

Husband komen cakap ayam I keras. Kuah ayam percik dah okay dah...Actually, I don't know how long I should cook the chicken meat. Kalau undercook takut tak masak, overcook jadi liat liat pulak.

Any tips?

I would be aiming this next.

A convection oven! (Sebab I takde oven)


devilishskool said...

Hi Ectopy,

tak pernah tinggal comment but this time nak comment:

don't use blender to make mash potatoes. made that mistake once. my potatoes became gooey and gummy and akhirnya masuk tong sampah.

apparently, the blender can cut the starch in the potatoes sbb tu jadi mcm tu.

mash using fork (not smooth but good enough), or buy the potato masher thingy.


the ectopy said...

because I hate that blender, I stop using it and use the fork instead.

macam mana nak buat mash potato kfc tu?

devilishskool said...

oh, kfc-style mashed potatoes tak pernah la nak tau how they do it.

i like to leave the skins on so mine mmg takkan dpt that smooth...

Anonymous said...

Ectopy..x silap yg kfc style, they didn't use ori potato. Tepung perisa kentang..

Ha'ah, mash using fork je pas u rebus kentang tu kejap. Lagi yummy :-)

Anonymous said...

Letak butter ... Quality butter penting Dan masa rebus letak bawang