Monday, September 3, 2012

Just arrived home and had a visitor. He is my husband's friend, quite close to him actually, even accompanied my husband on our wedding day.

He said he came to my workplace but I didn't recognize him.

I was so embarassed by it because I immediately recalled the event after he described it to me.

How could I not recognize someone who is so familiar in my life! How can I remember the case, but not the person involved?

Rasa nak ketuk je otak ni. Like, how can I not match the people in my normal life, with my clients. They can be interchangable, me idiot! People I know, can become my clients too. But my brain is too rigid, they keep them separated that I cannot even register their faces.

I feel like a really, really bad friend, and a really, really bad human being. Like, I am just a mad workaholic, a machine that works without that extra magic touch.

I do admit sometimes I avoid working with people I know to maintain being professional. I hate confrontations and I don't want to be bias. I don't want to give out favours just because that person knows my husband.

But this person, he simply accidentally became my client, even if it was less than 24 hours, but I didn't recognize him. Not only I am embarassed, but I am also disappointed in myself.


Remember about my colleague that I was so eager to match make with one of my friends?

I don't think I am going to proceed with it.

Two reasons:

1) The girl he used to date is difficult to compete with.
2) The girl he used to date live in the same housing area as my friend's, they are practically neighbours/ family friends.

Me: OMG! I know her!
Him: Wait, how do you know her? Is she your friend? How could you know it's her?
Me: Ala...I have many friends la...Lagipun, ada berapa banyak anak Tan Sri dekat situ? That instantly narrows down the options.
Him: ...I shouldn't have told you that detail...
Me: But you did. Hehe. She's pretty. And nice. How did she end up with you!
Him: Haha. I'm charming!
Me: So, it's you...
Him: It's me, what? Don't tell me you read her blog too!
Me: Sometimes...
Him: But I've screened her blog. She never mentioned about me!
Me: Why did you guys break up? She's such a catch!
Him: Arrggh...! Don't say that. You don't know her like I do...

I don't know what happened between them, but in my naked eyes, she looks/ sounds like a perfect girl. (I don't know her personally, kenal kenal macam gitu je) I'd feel really, really small if I were to stand next to her. I hate perfect girls. How can someone have everything this world?
But when he said, "You don't her like I do..." that give me a glimpse of hope. She might not be so perfect after all. Yeay! Hehe.

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