Friday, September 14, 2012

Been secluding myself from any social interactions because I think it's best for now. Lunch hour, I'd rather go home. Isolate myself from gossips.

Yesterday, I decided to get a haircut which I did not like. Stupid hairdresser. It's always a gamble, me and my hair.

Cried on the way home and partially blamed my husband for my hair- if he had taken me sooner, I'd probably get a different result.
Men. They don't get it when I'm upset over a small thing like that, it means there is a bigger issue behind it.
Men. So my husband said, it was my fault because I didn't tell my hairdresser that I was not happy. He said, I should've told him what I wanted because we are the customers and we pay him.

Yeah, I don't need all that logic that I already made sense of.

So I snapped and cried even more.

Arrived home and got a big, warm hug from him.

I was not crying just because of my hair, I cried because I needed to cry. I was miserable at work.

When he just let me cry on his shoulder, it was best. Felt a lot better afterwards. Terus boleh senyum senyum dah. Agak psycho. Haha.

To say that I hate everybody at work, is an exaggeration.

There's this fat boss of mine, who is so knowledgable. Can be temperamental at times but he's toned down a lot after returning from Hajj. One time, I received a blow from him but he personally called me back to apologize.

Hajj does change people.

Anyway, that fat boss of mine joked and explained some things to me, encouraged me to further my studies, so I was happy for a while.

Remember that nice, father-figure Dato' that I mentioned before? Saw him and we smiled to each other.

Just a smile.

I want to become like him. Someone who has an impact on another's life, even though you are not particularly doing anything significant.

Agak-agak, kalau I lalu dan senyum to some random people, do you think I can save a life, do you think I can make his/ her day?

Agak-agak, is there someone out there who feels like that about me?


cacah said...

i thought of the same thing.
i always think that a friendly smile from a stranger would make my day. i sure do hope that people think of me that way too when i smile.

i guess smile is good. that s why they said senyum itu sedekah.

The Farhanah said...

Back during college days, our apartment's Indonesian cleaner smiled at me when I was jogging around the place. It was at around 6am.
And I smiled back! Happily!
Totally lifted up my mood weh!

4 years later and it still makes me happy every time I think about it.

Alia said...

A friendly smile from a stranger would totally make my day! That's why I'd always try to return the favor, hoping that I can make their day too!

Tapi kadang kadang aku tak nampak orang, sebab aku ni kan rabun. LOL

Superwomanwannabe said...

I smile all the time. It made ME happy. So there. hehehehhe