Friday, April 3, 2009

boyfriend dan *Ramli

As scheduled, my boyfriend is currently in the hospital. Instead of one minor surgery, he'll be getting two operations. The first went smoothly, next will be today at 3pm.

I feel bad because I'm not able to hold his hands or greet him with my sweetest smile as he opens his eyes or tell him not to be afraid (he's terrified with needles). But, I'm too far. His fault, he picked the wrong time. "But you told me to get better as soon as I can! And this is the quickest appointment I can get!" he said to me when I whined about it.

Me: I wish I can be there to help you pack your things.
Him: Tak apa...
Me: Don't forget your slippers, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, your mobile phone and the charger.
Him: Okay...
Me: Don't forget the most important thing of all!
Him: What?
Me: My photo!

Circumstances made us difficult to contact each other via phone. The nurses told him not to use mobile phones because it'd interrupt with the machine functions. I was warned about this beforehand, so the only way to be informed about his progress was via his bestfriend, *Ramli.

(I notice that I always give funny, exotic names to replace the characters' real names. Syndrome malas nak pikir nama, whatever comes to mind first, haha.)

So, I said to *Ramli, "Tell him that I'm sorry I can't be there with him to suap chicken soup but I miss him and I love him. Tell him that he'll be alright. Ah, and please kiss him on my behalf, muaah muaah dekat pipi dia, okay? Tell him to go to the canteen and call me! He is a patient, not a prisoner. If a smoker can do anything he can to smoke a cigarette, he should do whatever he can to reach me! Because he is supposed to be addicted to me!"

Two days after the first procedure, my boyfriend summoned enough energy to escape the ward and we finally got to exchange comforting words. Casually, I asked him,

Me: Did *Ramli send my messages to you?
Him: Yup, he said that you missed me.
Me: Haha, did he kiss you?
Him: He did! Did you ask him to kiss me?
Me: (OMG, I can't believe he actually did it and my boyfriend is okay with it. What kind of relationship is this, I do not permit!)
Me: He kissed you? What, is this normal between you guys? Didn't he tell you that I asked him to kiss you for me?
Him: Ish, apa you ni, kitorang mana biasa kiss-kiss ni! We were just goofing lah, tak kena pipi pun...And he told me you yang suruh dia kiss I...Sweetlah you ni...
Me: (So relieved)
Him: Pipi I untuk you seorang je lah!

Kesian my boyfriend, he is bored and lonely there. He remains low-key about his admission to the hospital, his parents don't visit him because they are too old to travel and I am away. The only person who pays him daily visit is *Ramli.

My boyfriend genuinely cares about *Ramli which makes me sometimes doubt about them. They've known each other for about 20 years and they see each other almost every single day. Even their mothers are friends!

One time, my boyfriend broke his promise to me. I was so upset and we had a huge argument. I questioned him, am I not important to you? He said: *Ramli needs my supports, I had to be there for him.

That's how special *Ramli is to my boyfriend.

They buy each other gifts, they wear the same size of clothes and worry not, they even have the same taste in fashion. "I tak payah risau kalau nak pesan barang dekat *Ramli, whatever he buys for me, I will like it sebab size and taste kitorang sama," my boyfriend used to say.

According to my boyfriend, when my boyfriend first met me and couldn't stop talking non-stop about me, *Ramli always agrees with him because *Ramli's girlfriend and I have similar backgrounds and personalities and our physiques look the same too. However, I have yet to confirm this because she is in another state and I never get to see her.

(I asked my boyfriend who is hotter, me or *Ramli's girlfriend and he couldn't decide. He is either
a- terlalu lurus bendul; I should be hotter because I am your girlfriend, idiot!
b- thinks if he says *Ramli's girlfriend is less hot, that means stabbing him for badmouthing his girlfriend
c- *Ramli's girfriend IS hotter than me because my boyfriend does not usually hesitate to compliment my looks)

Mereka berdua sangat comel dan kadang-kadang mencurigakan. Haha.

Updated: *Ramli parents and my boyfriend's parents went to see my boyfriend at the hospital. If my boyfriend and *Ramli were married, they would've 4 kids, the oldest being 17 years old.


Valisa said...

does ramli make a mean burger?

Weed and Bandages said...

moga dia cepat sembuh

ectopy said...

i've never seen *ramli make any burger :)

Julie said...

This is such a sweet story.

maman said...

its alwaz cool to have a friend like that. but dont worry. things would be slightly different the moment u guys get married.