Saturday, April 18, 2009


My boyfriend is convinced the person who cut a cow's leg while it was still alive was a drug addict.

I don't like to jump into conclusions, so I asked him why was he so sure, he said, "Kalau setakat nak mencuri, tak adelah sampai potong kaki lembu tu hidup-hidup! Menangis tuan punya lembu tu tengok lembu dia dah tak ada kaki."

Before this, there was an incident of a pregnant cow being killed, habis perut dia terburai. Cruel gila.

When a friend's sister was a kid, around 5 or 6 years old, she was being playful with a kitten and put the kitten into a jar (balang kuih raya!) and closed the lid. She then forgot about it and the kitten died. After a round of scolding, she felt bad about it and cried for days.

When I was a kid, during one rainy day, a snail came crawling to the porch of my house and my dad put salt onto it and I watched it died.

Then, I started schooling and my friends taught me to capture grasshoppers and put it in a plastic bag, and the person who catch them the most would win. I can't remember if we released the poor insects back to the schoolfield...Luckily, the trend didn't last that long. (Maybe because we made the population extinct and we moved on to collect pokok jarum emas instead)

According to psychologists, one of the first signs that a kid will grow up to become a psychotic criminal is the act of cruelty to animals, intentionally.

So, what's the worst thing you've ever done to an animal?

My friend believes that kids got abducted because it's God's punishment to their parents for separating mother cats from their kittens.
"Binatang pun ada perasaan juga. Sekarang baru diorang tahu perasaan hilang anak".



green apple said...

eh, kalau ko ambik course biotech, ada satu subject pasal animal biology kena buat poster insect cucuk2 ngan jarun tampal kat library, before tu pekenakan binatang tu ngan chloroform kasik high dulu.

aku tak tau if itu tergolong ngan tanda-tanda awal nak jadik criminal.

Tapi aku rasa aku tak sekejam tu.
Sebab aku dapat C- untuk that subject.

ye, aku sangat penyayang!

Syebi Burn said...

oh...such a good post..

I didnt realize that,so klu pijak semut pun kira criminal la kot kan?

i am visiting ur blog, hope u dont mind.. =)

the ectopy said...

korang ni salah konsep lah...

perbuatan menyeksa binatang secara suka rela tanpa belas kasihan tu yang jadi tanda-tanda orang weng.

tapi serious, orang dah buat research, memang betul diorang ada history seksa binatang.