Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Two 8-year-old girls were having a conversation.

Girl A: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Girl B: A Youtuber!
Girl A: Why?
Girl B: Subscribers!

I asked her 17-year-old sister- "Does she really want to be a Youtuber?"

Is that even a valid job?
Wow, I can't imagine how teachers read their pupils' ambitions nowadays.

Me: Is that what you write when your teacher asks about your ambition?
Girl B: That is my first ambition. Cita-cita kedua saya nak jadi dentist.



Me: Awak dapat nombor berapa?
Girl: Number 2.
Me: Wow! Wait. Which class are you in?
Girl: The last one.
Me: Bolehlah...

Me: How many people are in your class?
Girl: 30.
Me: 30 je?
Girl: Yes. And only 4 girls.
Me: How many classes?
Girl: 5.
Me: Lima je? Sikitnya! MRSM lagi banyak kelas.

Girl: Saya dapat hadiah peningkatan prestasi juga.
Me: Oh. Okay. That's good. So, next year masuk kelas mana?
Girl: Kelas number 3.
Me: Okay. So, you lompat 2 kelas! Girl, kiranya Girl ni hebatlah juga.

Girl: Hebat tu apa?
Me: (-___-) Hebat tu- Awesome!


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