Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Something big is happening in my life.
I was so depressed, I stopped contacting my friends. I didn't think I could face the world.

When my friends asked me out, I thought about turning it down. But, for how long more shall I hide?

I was very anxious even days before the meeting. I had to pull myself together before I left my car.

I'm usually a pretty confident person, but that event had crushed me.

Somehow, facing the world wasn't so bad. In fact, I went out with my friends again.

I got better.

I started replying messages again.

Yesterday, a friend asked me to confirm my attendance to a school reunion.

I told her...I told her how I felt, and how I seriously thought I needed professional help to deal with my mental and emotional health.

"I was devastated," I said.
She said she understood. Because she saw her husband went through that period. Her husband got out of it successfully eventually, "And so will you," she wished.


I didn't expect this. It was such a big blow because I didn't have a back up plan.

Since I got married, I stopped having close friends that I talked to, that I can share things with.

I have my husband, but he wasn't so understanding- not his fault, we are just different people.

So, I felt really lonely.
That's why I was going crazy.


Note to myself:
Stay strong. God's plans are best.