Saturday, December 24, 2016

Checked my son's temperature and it's 39 degrees celcius. Mind you, that's using the cheap thermometer, the strip that you place on the forehead. I'm pretty sure the accurate measurement is higher.

The good thing is, he's still active. I diluted his medicine in his drink, but he didn't finish it. Since, he's already fast asleep, I put a tablet up into his ass. So, now, I'm waiting for him to cool down a bit.

My son is so prone to fever and febrile fit. He would get fever every 2-3 months. Once he gets the congested nose, it would take about 2 weeks to completely recover. He seriously takes after his Daddy.

My second born is like me. Rarely gets sick. Even though she's a baby, she didn't get fever that high. She also had runny nose yesterday, but she's already better today! Must be the same bug, since they are together all the time, but different immune system.

My son sleeps hugging his Daddy, literally under his ketiak. Besides rubbing Vicks onto my son's chest, I also put some under my husband's armpit, haha. Hopefully, my son could breathe better. My husband is not aware, but he's gonna be confused tomorrow- why is his left trunk feel sticky.

My husband came last Tuesday. I didn't tell the children that he's coming home. I was putting Baby H to sleep. Abang K was with his cousin in their grandmother's room.

I wish I recorded the look on Abang K's face when he barged into my room, whispering loudly (because Baby H was sleeping, but Abang K was really excited)-
Mommy! Mommy! Daddy datang! Daddy datang!
(He saw the car from my Mother's window)

He was running, jumping, so excited and happy...
The noise woke Baby H up too.

Abang K quickly ran downstairs and helped me look for the key.

I pretended, "Betulke Daddy? Orang lain kot...Macam mana Abang K tahu?"

That put him off a bit. Plus, my husband didn't immediately went out from the car. "Mana Daddy?"

Then, he saw my husband and the joy burst! He salam and kissed and hugged his father. Such genuine love...

He suddenly had so much energy, giggling, talking, running and jumping, exactly like an excited puppy seeing his favourite mailman. Haha. So cute.

The little girl was smiling too. She recognized my husband immediately and wanted him to carry her.

Aaahhh...I'm blessed.

But my husband is leaving again tomorrow.

And...I just checked my son- He is not so hot anymore. Lega sikit, I boleh tidur...

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