Sunday, December 18, 2016

Yesterday, Mother was assessed by doctors from two different centres.

It turned out that her condition isn't too serious, thank God.

Anyway, I'm glad that even though it was a bit of a scare, Mother went through a pleasant experience. From the way she talked, I know the doctors treated her well. She kept praising them. The procedures went smoothly.

The first one, didn't even charge her- totally FOC.

I suspect it's because Mother mentioned that one of us siblings is a doctor. Mother usually doesn't tell, unlike my Arwah Father, he would tell whenever he had the chance.

Mother deserves to be treated nicely. I think she is blessed. She is a nice lady and she has been consistently and steadily improves her ibadah. I wish I could become like her.

I hope Allah will always protect my parents.

I must always give good service to my clients, if not the best, so people would treat my parents nicely. I don't care if people treat me badly, just not my parents, Mother especially, since she's the one who is still alive. Sebab dia memang orang baik-baik.

I just wanna say...If I did good, and Tuhan nak balas dengan kebaikan to me, I pray that my reward goes to her instead. That's how I much love and appreciate her.

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