Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I eat because I'm hungry. I have to eat to produce breastmilk. And, I hate to see wasted food.

Sometimes, I whine to my husband that I'm hungry or craving for something.

Last weekend, we had lunch. Then, at 6pm, my husband had ice cream while I ordered pasta. At 8pm, we were ordering dinner.

Then, my husband said: You ni banyak makan lah.

Why was he pointing this out? Am I getting fat now?

Today, I asked him.

Me: Abang, I gemuk ke?
Him: Perut gemuk.
Me: What! Is that how you answer me? Wrong answer!
Him: Haha. Kuruslah...
Me: I cantik tak?
Him: Cantik.

So, I have love handles. They are not easy to get rid of, okay!

Perhaps I should eat less.

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