Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today, I found out someone is jealous of me.
Aiyo...Itu pun nak dengki ke?

My work is pretty flexible now, so I want to take the opportunity to go for a 2-week course. Bukan bercuti pun, kursus okay!

I asked my boss for permission. This colleague of mine overheard, and he quickly said it would be unfair if Boss let me go.


If I were him, I would be glad because my colleague will return with more knowledge to share!
Lagipun, I bayar sendiri!

And it's not like it will be affecting his work! And he soon will be getting his opportunity when I can't.

And to think that I was already cheated to cover for him for other stuff! I feel used!

He's so childish and negative.

When faced with this kind of situation, I always wonder how the spouse handles people like this. Then, I think, agaknya spouse pun perangai sama, sebab tu sepadan sangat. Haha!

I pray I will pass my exam. Doa orang yang teraniaya should makbul.

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mamabeauty said...

insyaAllah all is well