Monday, January 26, 2015

Today, I met a truck driver who works with Alam Flora, and he and his wife were able to collect RM400k cumulatively. They have 7 children.

Nothing is impossible, right?

Then, he complained about the rising cost of living. I could feel him. Makan bukannya murah pun sekarang.

My son will soon reach 18 months old and I want to stop pumping already! My milk stock probably could last him 3 months. That should be enough lah kan...

My routine now is pumping once during lunchtime. Lebih kurang 3oz je dapat. But I think my son pun minum sikit. Sometimes, he could survive without drinking milk at all. Mother and bibik give him Vitagen, Ribena and water instead. I really hate it when bibik gives him Ribena to drink with during mealtime. Rosak gigi lah nanti...Dahlah bibik tu ada kencing manis. Because of this type of unhealthy lifestyle lah. Her permit gets rejected because she fails the urine test. Anyone knows what to do next? Dah habis ribu ribu dah ni.

Anyway, since I just got back to work, I have more milk from the all the direct feeding for the last 2 weeks. So, kita pump dulu selagi ada. After it diminishes in a few weeks time, I will reduce the amount of time pumping to 10 minutes once a day, and finally, go pumping free.

I really thought my cheapo breastpump wouldn't last, but it does...Yeay, cheapo! Win!

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