Saturday, January 10, 2015

Had a meeting with a client. He is an elderly gentleman, a retired school principle.

He interrogated my background: where was I raised, who are my parents, how many siblings do I have, and what do they work as.

He then told me, Father must be a great man, who worked sincerely, using honest money. Why do you say that, I asked. Because all of his children are successful. And we were fed with 'air tangan ibu', my mother, who is a housewife.

Then, he shared his experiences, teaching his students, who were the sons and daughters of this profession of my father- "Jahat, nakal-nakal! Pakcik rasa, mesti sebab bapa dia ambil rasuah! Sebab tu dapat anak macam tu!"

I am proud of my parents.

But I don't think it's fair to blame the children's behaviours solely on the parents lah...

Stress pulak aku nak jadi Mak ni. Haha.

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