Sunday, January 25, 2015

Back from the long holiday and definitely not looking forward for work tomorrow.
Dreading the fact I will have to leave my son so early in the morning and probably comes back late at night.
Thinking of quitting and becoming a housewife yet again...Sigh.

Holiday was great. It was a success even though I didn't get to do all the things I wanted, but you know, in marriage, you just have to compromise. Unless you marry the person who has the same interests as you!

Because I compromised, my husband bought two new handbags for me. Well, I am not really crazy about them, but that means at least two years of fasting from getting any new one.

It's funny how I don't like to shop anymore. Actually, I probably still do, I just don't like to buy expensive things. And the holiday reminded me of how I used to love dressing up. And I remember how my friends used to drag me to shop with them because they needed my opinions. Like being a personal shopper/ stylist for them. Great time, I tell you... :)

Sometimes, I wish I had stayed instead of coming back. But I know, if I did, it'd be difficult to cover myself. How do you show up to work suddenly with a scarf on your head? Me and my logic. Boleh? Hahahaha.

Tengok, budak perasan, he refused to sit down and insisted my husband to dukung him so he could grab those things.

Many people commented that he looks older than 17 months old. Memang pun, kan?


Anonymous said...

hi ectopy,

ye la your son nampak mcm da besar son, Adam is about your son age but (kecik je just like me agaknya)


the ectopy said...

Haha. Tuh lah, the Japanese guy we saw pun cakap my son is quite tall for his age. And the flight attendants pun ingat dia dah duduk seat sendiri and gets his own flight food, and they give him big kids toys like pencil colours and puzzles. Parents dia lah untung dapat makan lebih.