Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Once I moved back to Mother's house, my son and I slept on a mattress on the floor in my room, just because I was scared he might fall off the bed. Previously, he slept in the middle between my husband and I, so I wasn't really worried about that.

Slowly, as my back couldn't take it anymore, my son and I started to sleep on our bed.

Being the boy that he is, tidur berguling guling, pusing sana, pusing sini, sometimes, he ended up with only his body on the bed, while his waist down hanging by the bed. Funny, I tell you.

Just now, when he was already fast asleep, I was getting ready for Isyak. Suddenly, he woke up. Then I smiled at him and he fell back to sleep. So, I started my solat, but I heard him falling!

Terpaksa batalkan solat.

Anak bertuah ni, boleh pulak sambung tidur dekat atas lantai. Haha!

It's midnight now. Time yang tak best. Because this is the only time that I'm free (because Baby K dah tidur), but I couldn't do the important stuff like banking and pay my bills.

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