Tuesday, February 24, 2015

After my son purposely threw my breastpump on the floor and laughed about it, it stopped to function properly.

I asked my husband to look for the convertible manual kit, but he couldn't find it at our previous home.

And that's how my breastfeeding journey ended...

Actually, the more accurate term is, bye bye pumping days. I still have a month's stock left in the fridge.

18 months.

My son is a big boy now. But still sleeps while suckling -__-

Still haven't said a word.
Not trying to be a kiasu mom but I read it's important for babies to communicate well or they'll end up frustrated (because they are not understood).

I hope my child is happy because I always understand him. Magic betul how I can figure out from the grunts and points and cries.


Hampshire Mummy said...

Signal, grunt, point, cry and gibberish are all good for building communication! The words will follow later (and you may even wish for it to lessen sometimes, hehe!). Please enjoy this stage, Puan Ectopy. You did great with working/pumping - applause!!

Intan and The Boys said...

My daughter pon tak bercakap lagi. She is now 22 months. I think kadang2 bukannya dia tak cuba, cuma maybe dia tak tau mcm mana nak keluarkan words.

Aku berdoa anak2 kita moga cepat bercakap dan sihat sentiasa.