Thursday, January 2, 2014

I don't know how other people can make time for all the social media that are available now. I only have Facebook and Blogger. I tried logging on Instagram and ended up spending unnecessary hours browsing through the photos. Just one time, then I decided, no, retreat before I'll get further sucked into the cyber world.

There are people on my friends list who still don't that I've given birth. It's not that I hide the fact on purpose, I just don't feel that I need to announce it on Facebook.

Also, it's been a long time since I last post photos or status on Facebook. Adalah orang tag sana sini. But, that's it. I still love taking pictures though.

But, it doesn't bother me at all. I am not like myself 5 years ago.

I'm sure there will be people questioning why I keep my profile picture showing off my hair. To me, I am more comfortable to embrace myself wearing the tudung in discrete. 

I remember the first time I showed up to work wearing tudung. I prayed that nobody would make a huge deal out of it. I hoped there would be no congratulations, I wished to get by unnoticed. I was still me with an extra clothing on my head.

Anyway, I am just drifting, I was not planning to write on this actually.


My son and I have traveled on many plane rides, he could have been a seasoned traveler by the time he turns one. Haha.
Initially, I was uncomfortable bringing an infant on flight, since I don't think the trapped air circulating in the aeroplanes could be good for babies. Tapi, takkanlah nak tinggal baby pulak kan...Nasib baik lah he is not a pre-term baby, so okaylah, forgivable, I succumbed...

Did I tell you he loves riding on any transportation. Tidur comfortably je...It must be the swinging motion, or the fact that he can sleep in my arms.

You should see his passport picture. Kelakar je. He was the youngest applicant when we were at the Immigration Office. At that time, he was still too young to lift up his head. So, we laid him down on a white board. He was smiling but wouldn't stop moving. So, the photographer, my husband and I, tried to make him focus to the camera. We tried so many times, just to get his both ears visible (one of the criteria for a passport photo), which attracted many spectators and a few immigration officers. We got the photo, but a non-smiling one. Ceh!

We had a nice, short getaway 4 hours away (by plane) from Malaysia. The day that we were to return to Malaysia, we were duped by a cab driver and I had the worst airport experience in my entire life. I shouted at the immigration officer and the airport security officer. I was carrying a baby and they did nothing to make the procedure faster or at least easier. They kept asking me for my boarding pass when I already showed them ours. Once they saw that the paper was a little bit different from the normal boarding pass, they said, "No, no, no, boarding pass, white colour," without even trying to look at what had been handed to them.

"This is my boarding pass! The system was down so they gave me a manual one! Can't you read this? Board-ing Pass!" You think I'm stupid? Now, let's see who's the dumb one!

Lepas tu dahlah tak apologize, tau pulak malu sendiri.

It was horrible, I don't think I will ever return to that country. Pergi pun sebab sponsored and ada hal sikit.

P/s: We got to use the foot muff that came with the stroller, yeay, puas hati!


Speaking of plane rides, anybody knows whether the loud noise would have any effect on babies?

I've been told to cover his ears, but my baby usually sleeps in his stroller and is not woken up by the noise, so I ignored the advice at first. My baby looks comfortable, I taknaklah kejut dia semata-mata nak tutup telinga...Kecualilah dia tengah menangis kan...

But a few strangers (usually makcik and pakcik) had came up to us telling us to cover his ears. So, that me second-guess my decision.

Should I buy ear plugs? Do they come in baby size? Do babies need it? It's not like they would hear the loud aeroplane engines for a very long time, right?


It is so much easier to take care of my son now. Baru nak masuk 4 bulan setengah, but we can already see his characters and now he manages to express his wants, it's a joy to attend to him. Cuma kadang-kadang tu demanding sangat!

He started to giggle before he turned 4 months, but I had no witnesses with me. On the day he turned 4 months old, he giggled to my husband tease.

At Ikea, we distracted him with a toy. Seeing the line at the cashier was too long (anybody went there around Christmas time? Way too many people! Pening kepala!), it was not worth the queue just to pay for three things. Mengamuklah anak I tu!

Pandai minta angkat. And pandai pretend cry, oh my Goddd...I discovered this when he straightened his arms and legs (Mommy, please pick me up!) but I ignored his request. Ek ek ek, he grunted, which led to him wimpering and crying, "Waarrgghhh!!!" Kesian punya pasal, I pun angkatlah. Immediately, he giggled. I was surprised, I pun tergelak sekali. Sabar je lah dengan budak ni! Rupa-rupanya pandai berlakon. Pretend cry je!!!


There goes my lunch hour. Will write again soon...Probably on more serious stuff. Haha.


The Tea Drinker said...

hehe. kids are fine getting on planes. we just have to let them suck on something when the plane take off and stuff kan. change of altitude bothers the ears if i remember.

(always feel odd when i want to comment on ur post. so many stories on one sitting)

cacah said...

it's good to read from you ;)
happy new year miss e.