Friday, January 31, 2014

(Written last week, I so hate my Internet service provider!)

I want to write more! I have so many drafts written in my head. Sometimes, when I actually do have time to write them down, it’s either the Internet too slow (damn you, my service provider!) or someone else have published something similar, I don’t want to be accused of stealing his/ her materials (unless I am truly inspired, then I will admit).


Today, I am dedicating this entry to…One of my bosses.

She is pious, physically, she is syariah compliant. But, personally, I think she is judgemental, easily influenced by cakap-cakap orang, rather than finding out the truth herself (this is another whole story).

One day, I caught her scolding her staff, and her tazkirah went on something like this
-         -  Kerja biar ikhlas (agree)
-          - Kerja biar sepenuh hati (agree)
-          - Kerja kerana Allah (agree)

But then, she said, “Kalau kereta selalu rosak, tayar pancit, sikit-sikit anak sakit, itu tanda-tanda kerja yang awak buat tu tak berkat lah tu!”
I just cannot agree 100% on this. To me, obstacles are one of many Allah’s secrets.

Tak baik tau cakap orang macam tu…

Shall I elaborate?

To make things short, obstacles don't necessarily mean God loves or hates you. You can't know. All you have to do is believe there will be hikmah behind every challenge. Always try to make the best out of it.

Sure, it could be a form of punishment, or cleansing, but that thinking is best kept to ourselves. Pandai-pandailah you reflect diri sendiri malam-malam before you go to sleep. Bukannya menjatuhkan hukuman pada orang lain.

Anyway, I think I have some pictures to share with you guys but I am so lazy to upload them. Haha! My time is gold, and my breastmilk is liquid gold!

Fret not, I will share quotes  instead!

This is taken from a friend who wrote this on Facebook:

"From Ibn Qayyim- Dogs generally do not have a high status in Islam. Even the saliva of a dog is najis. However, God allows hunting dogs and consumption of animals hunted by the hunting dogs. Obviously, when the hunting dogs catch the prey, the salova of the dogs will get stuck on the prey. How would this work then?

The difference between the hunting dog (al-mukallib) and the regurlar dog is the ilm of the dog. There are three prerequisites for the dog to be al-mukallib
- when the owner tells the dog to go, it goes
- when the owner tells the dog to stop, it stops
- it doesn't eat from the prey that it catches

The only difference between a dog and a hunting dog (al-mukallib) is the knowledge, and Allah even raises a dog in status because of its knowledge. So, what about human being?

Adapted from a tazkirah by Sh Omar Suleiman."

I always like the things he shares on Facebook. They make me ponder...

Dulu kan, masa I kecik-kecik, I selalu tak nak derma dekat anak yatim. Somehow, I was under the impression that they had enough things donated by other people in my hometown. They got treated to hotel buffets all the time, especially during Ramadhan. How shallow I was...But I was only a kid lah...

As I mature, I began to understand the pain of growing up without the love from your parents. Especially now that I have my own son. Ditambah pula dengan berita-berita masa kini. Or worse, kids who have parents, but they don't care about their own children.

Kesian sangat dengar cerita pasal kanak kanak ni tau.

Like this 3 year-old orphan girl, who had flu. But you know lah, budak kecik, merengek-rengek...But, she doesn't have her parents to merengek to...

Now I know why Allah gives special emphasis to orphans. And InsyaAllah, I will be much nicer, kinder, and have more mercy to these children. I will never know how difficult it is for these to grow up without parents...

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