Friday, January 31, 2014

I understand why doctors hate MC seekers so much. I would have hated my colleagues who keep giving fake excuses for not coming to work too. We all should be grateful that God blesses us with the ability to work and the opportunity to be employed. Clearly, these people haven’t seen others who have to work well below his/ her qualifications, or worse, unable to secure a job at all. And what about those who desperately need to work to support his/ her family but is truly ill that he/ she just can’t find work…So, those who like to request unnecessary MCs from doctors, just think, what if one day God really makes you fall sick?

I am so surprised on how well I handle stress. Remember my spoilt breast milk story? Sure, I was sad and depressed, but it only lasted for one day. I didn’t give it much thought the next day. I continued pumping and all praise to the Almighty God, my supply is good again, although, not to the point of replacing all the spoilt milk stocks. How cool is that! And how proud I am with myself…

My baby will turn 6 months old in February, so I guess I will achieve my first target to exclusively breastfeed my baby for 6 months. My next target is to exclusively breastfeed him until he is 9 months old.

Actually, I bought a bottle of fenugreek pills but I wasn’t confident with the bovine gelatine used for its capsules. So, I went to Tesco and bought the dried fenugreek seeds, washed and dried the product and keep it in an airtight container. Tutup hidung setiap kali buka Tupperware, take a few seeds and telan. Suka hati je my dosage tu…Hehe…Whatever it takes to make this work lahh…

Oh, and my high school friends, a husband and wife, now, also my neighbour, kindly will lend me their deep freezer! I offered to pay rent, but they say, “Tak payahlah!” Yahoo! (Now that I’ve learnt my lessons, I also keep a pile of stocks in my workplace refrigerator. Haha. I don’t care, I just need a back up!)

Hhmm…Now, it is confirmed confirmed confirmed ASB is haram. This really creates problems lah…Why lah ASB is so stupid mixing our investments with haram income! If it only involves my money, okaylah, I can simply withdraw…But what about my late Father’s money? In his will, the ASB money is solely to be used for his grandchildren education.
Can I simply assume that it is only recently haram, since the fatwa baru je keluar? See…So complicated, right…!

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