Saturday, December 8, 2012

Went to the bookstore and came across one book which author's name sounded familiar.

It was the old doctor that we met during our adventure two months ago! My, oh my...She's such a contributor. I read the section "About the Author" and saw a long list of charity work that she had been involved with in different countries, and the numerous posts she held before she retired from the government.


But at the same time, I felt inadequate and ashamed of myself. What have I achieved so far in my life? Is my life a waste of time?

It's the exact same feeling when I browsed through Afdlin Shauki's Facebook page. He's there, physically in Gaza, witnessing the sufferings of the people, constantly raising awareness. And what am I doing here?

But then again, we must remember that Allah is fair. Not everybody will die a Syahid, but that doesn't mean the things we choose to do, or, the things we are able to do, are not taken into consideration. Not everybody is designed for war, but who says we can't help even though we are far? Who says his job as a janitor is less noble than his job as a Mujahid?

Okay, not going to go much further into that...

I have a Jewish friend. Just one. He also flew to Israel, trying to fight for what he thinks is right. We used to study in the same group in university. He was nice and friendly, one of the people I could talk to despite our age difference.

I know a lot of people hate the Jewish blindly, not because of what they do, but because of the majority of the people of the same race do. Personally, I think that's wrong because comparatively, that's just like the Americans who hate the Muslims just because we are, regardless if we do or do not support the act of terrorism.

When I was in university, I used to attend talks organized by our Muslim communities, because, well, I had time and, I have this habit of saying Yes to everything Ilmiah. If I'd say no, I'd feel guilty. I mean, what kind of an idiot am I to miss free Pahala just to sit in a Majlis Ilmu.

The funny thing is, once I am back in my home country, I am no longer being invited. Perhaps I am hanging out with the wrong kinds of people. Or perhaps, in Malaysia, once you don't cover your Aurat, you are judged automatically, not qualified, or people simply think you are just not interested.

But underneath it all, it is me who needs to be blamed. I don't seek for it, so how dare I expect people to spoonfeed me.

Anyway, this reminds me of the Jewish people I met during one the the talks

The people I met were the true believers. They are against the oppression and the occupation of Palestinians.

Because of that, I still find it hard to hate the Jews as a race, I'd rather hate them individually. Being optimistic, I believe that there must be a few Jews out there who have the hearts, who have the conscience within them, that killing women and children, bombing schools and hospitals, are wrong and absolutely immoral.

Do you know who I hate the most? The imbecile people who justify what Hitler did to the Jews. Killing is only permissible if it was to protect ourselves. Hitler killed people mercilessly, innocent and even the weak. It is not the same like the Palestinians who killed the Jews in the name God, to fight back, to protect their land. It is just not the same. And if you think what Hitler did was right, you are downright cruel like him. You don't know history, you are just lucky to be born at this time, lucky to be born a Muslim, so stop being ungrateful, stop being an idiot.

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