Sunday, December 23, 2012

I shall begin my post with complaints, lots of them.

I missed work because I felt so tired. That was the first time ever. The last time I took emergency leave was when Father passed away and that was completely legit.

Last week, my name was listed for a course and I sat and listened for two sessions only. Then, I excused myself and slept in the surau. I showed up during lunch, and fortunately, managed to stay awake until 4pm.

Never in my life before that I keep thinking about quitting my job.
My husband, as usual, is against it. He said I can change job, but not quit altogether to become a housewife. Dia cakap rugi. Lagipun I banyak hutang lagi tak langsai.

My house is so dusty, I need my robot vacuum now!

There's a pile of clean clothes in the living room waiting to be folded and tucked away in the closets.

I rarely cook nowadays. Even if I cooked, I wouldn't be able to finish my meal. I eat a lot of junk food so frequently, I know that it's not good for the baby but that's better than not eating at all.
My husband cooked Maggi on two occasions, and he got mad after the second one, he let me sleep in the hall because I didn't prepare dinner for him. The next morning, he said sorry. Hehe. Kesian tau baby and I kena denda!

Nak keluar makan pun is like a chore for me. I don't feel like dressing up. And it rains all the time!

I think my baby is a boy sebab dia malas, OMG! And they say you are supposed to glow during pregnancy, I'm not experiencing that, oh no, jerawat banyak gile.

When I first found out I am pregnant, it felt weird, like, nak pergi kencing berak pun kena sopan sebab takut baby terkeluar. Nak bersin pun tak puas. Thank God that only lasted for a while. Now I can do my business as per usual, no biggie!

But, tingkahlaku masih perlu dijaga. Like, I can't watch horror movies suka suka hati, because, well, they say it's not good for the baby. Lepas tu tak boleh terkinja kinja nanti baby ikut perangai tak senonoh. So, I am hoping I will read a lot during my free time, just because I want to have a smart baby lah okay. No more MTV tengok orang bogel.

Tapi, I am easily irritated lah. I was irritated by one of my colleagues, yang I rasa dia bodoh but actually, dia tak bodoh pun, yang bodoh tu orang tengah yang told me wrong information! I specifically told my colleague to arrange some stuffs, then the middle person simply said she didn't do it, I mestilah rasa annoyed kan, then when I went through the papers, she did do what I asked her to, lepas tu I marah lah sebab rasa rugi masa I annoyed dengan orang yang tak bersalah secara tak tentu pasal kan!

Lepas  tu I rasa annoyed lah dengan middle person ni lah kan. Like, I cannot trust her at all. Benci ah, dengar suara dalam phone pun tak tahan. I think a lot of time I snapped at her. Seriously, I rasa macam dia ni perangai perasan bagus, but when I re-assess, it's completely different from what she said! Tu pasal I tak suka...Sebab suka call I straight macam bagus sangat, rather than consulting with her superiors first.

Lepas tu I rasa annoyed dengan one of my staffs yang I rasa berlagak. Wah, mentang-mentang baru balik dari Australia. Dah lah perasan comel, perasan disukai ramai, lepas tu kaki membodek, OMG, I tak tahan okay. Dapat pulak boss yang suka melayan kan, nak ambil buat menantu lah, please lah...I dah lah tak suka dia kan, so mestilah nak minimise kan contact dengan dia, but she likes to question my orders.
And, she calls me by my first name! Okay, fine, she just got back from Australia, probably that's how they do it there, yeah, I know too, I pun pernah pergi overseas jugak, ingat dia sorang je ke? But then, rupa-rupanya dah dekat setahun balik Malaysia, susah sangat ke nak adapt cara orang Malaysia bekerja. I just think it's disrespectful lah okay, even though she is not so much younger than me. So what? Mana boleh you call I, acting like we are friends, when for the matter of fact, I am your superior!

The good thing is, a lot of my colleagues have problems with the same girl. One guy siap rasa nak bagi penampar dekat dia sebab gedik sangat. Haha. Tapi minah ni memang completely oblivious lah yang orang tak suka dekat dia. Dia ingat semua orang suka sangat dekat dia, siap ajak makan lah, apa lah...Oh, please! Ye, orang pakai tudung labuh, gelak tutup tutup mulut, pun boleh menjadi seorang yang gedik dan attention seeker, okay.

See, I can't even stand the thought of her sampai boleh bebel panjang-panjang dekat sini.
Cukup, sudah, enough, end.

Moving on...


Before my pregnancy was confirmed, I received a news about my staff who was heavily pregnant with her third baby, and lost her husband. Her husband is only 35 years old, and she was 9 months pregnant. When she heard the news, siap dapat contraction pain lagi, like OMG, I can't imagine being in her shoes.

One week before that, my cousin and her 18 months old daughter lost their husband and father. Yang ni mati mengejut siap kena autopsy. Dahlah duduk negara orang. Strangely, my husband and Mother had the same reaction, "Syukur, bertuah dia mati dalam Islam." I punye pemikiran pendek je, like, kenapa dia matiiiiiiiii...!!!


Before I end this post, I want to share something funny about my friend,

Nadia and Suraya are housemates. Nadia is Ali's girlfriend. Diana is our friend who always hang out with them.

Ali: Suraya beli baju kurung online. Masa mula-mula baju tu sampai, diorang exited gila!
Me: Oh, yeke? Cantik tak?
Ali: Mula-mula, Suraya try pakai baju tu. Okay, cantiklah...Lepas tu, Diana pula try baju tu. Cantik jugak....Lepas tu Nadia punya turn pulak. Longgar okay, dia tak ada boobs! Flat!
Me: (Slaps forehead)

Good thing that Ali has proposed to Nadia, yeay! Chewaaah, tak ada boobies pun masih sayang, itu barulah cinta sebenar...

I may not be able to attend their wedding though, masa tu I tengah berpantang, sakit celah kangkang.

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