Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today, I was upset with my husband.

He promised that he would take me go shopping at noon.

At 9.30am, he kissed me goodbye as he left for work.

While waiting for him, I decided to fold the clothes.

Then, I swept the floors of the kitchen and the three vacant rooms.

My husband called at 2pm but I ignored the phonecall as a sign of protest (and I also pretended to be busy doing house chores).

I felt tired and irritated because there was a lot of dust in two of the rooms.

I thought my husband lied to me when he told he had swept the floors. I guess, he swept all the dust from the living room into the vacant rooms. Or, he mopped the floors without sweeping them first! I felt cheated.

He came home at 3.30pm. He greeted "Assalamualaikum," but I didn't answer out loud.

He then frantically looked for me when he finally found me quietly sweeping the floors.

I was on strike, so I started making faces, yelling, and refusing to talk to him.

After Zuhur prayer, he wanted to hug me but I played dead. I watched the TV and gave no response.

He said, "Lets go to the mall!"
I didn't want to go shopping in a foul mood.

He tried all kinds of stunts to apologize but I didn't budge.

Then he said, "Tadi Abang balik, tengok Sayang dah hilang. Abang ingat Sayang dah kena culik tadi. Risau gila, Abang rasa nak nangis dah..."

I said, "Tipu!"

He said, "Sumpah! Demi Allah!"

When someone said 'Demi Allah', you know he's dead serious.

I said, "Betulke?" and a smile started to appear on my face. I was finally able to look at him.


Then we made up.

I guess I really like it when my husband gets worried sick about me. It means he really cares about me. Haha.

p/s: I know that we should control our anger especially in Ramadhan. But I was really irritated by him just now.

p/s2: I don't know how it's going to be like if I had children. I complained just because I needed to clean the whole house when they are only two people living here. Can you imagine how I'd be like if
there were children around to make more mess?

p/s3: I am such a sissy. Just tell me that you could not live without me, and I am sold! Damn, I am easy!

p/s4: In my husband's defense, he did have to finish his work just now, that's why he came home late. Kesian dia penat.

p/s5: My husband swore he didn't lie, he did sweep the floors. I asked where did all the dust come from then? He said it must be the construction site next to our building, making the dust fly in through the windows. He is probably right because the room which is on the other side of the house didn't have too much dust in it.

p/s6: If I had children, I'd probably make them clean the house for me. I'd call it 'House chores'!


Mrs ARK said...

Once in a while, perlu merajuk. Sebab kalau tak husband will assume everything is peachy. Ahaks..

Eh we are in the same boat jugak sebab 2 orang 1 satu tapi habuk banyak gila macam 21 orang.

Superwomanwannabe said...

that Ps 6 is happening in my household. they call it- mommy making them be maids