Saturday, August 4, 2012

I was fooling around with my husband,

Me: Abang, abang rasa bertuah tak? Dahlah I ni baik, cantik, pandai pulak tu. Sekali lepas kahwin, abang dapat tau I ni pandai masak pulak. Macam dapat bonus. I'm a bonus, abang! I'm a bonus!

Husband: (Laughs) Eleh, you ni tak habis-habis nak perasan!
I told you I can cook, I'm just so lazy to do so.

Since Ramadhan, I have no choice but to cook for almost every single day for iftar.

I cannot believe it either.

I've only gone to the bazaar Ramadhan once only so far. Yesterday, we had iftar at my sister-in-law's. One other time, my mother-in-law came over and cooked for us. Sometimes, for reasons I can't avoid, when I won't be home by Maghrib, my husband had to find food himself.

But, for the rest of the time, I cooked. Who? Me! I COOKED! And I'm cooking tonight.

As practice makes perfect, I discover that I can finish cooking within 40 minutes! I am no Jamie Oliver, but at least I could do a little bit of clean up within that 40 minutes.

Because I am such an amateur, I tend to cook the same thing over and over again. Now, I am running out of recipes and I am on the net for some enlightenments.

I've cooked chicken soup, tomyam, ayam masak merah, ayam masak kicap, sup telur, ayam madu, nasi ayam, fried chicken...Well, that's about it. I know it's quite pathetic. It's quite restricted because my husband NEEDS the rice, so I can't cook pasta or mee or bread or western type of food. Boohoo, my husband orang kampung!

We also don't have an oven. Shame! We thought staying here would be temporary and I was not even a cook to begin with, so we didn't buy one.

My husband also doesn't eat seafood/ fish/ beef. Basically, we can only eat rice with chicken everyday, it's boring, I know...

Anyway, this strenghtens my argument: I know how to cook, I just don't like to do it!

One time, I was frying the chicken, and the hot oil splashed onto my skin. It hurt so much, so I was yelling in frustration, "Sakitlah! Sakitlah, bodoh! Auw! Ouch! Sakit!"

My husband overheard me, and he laughed because he said I was "bergaduh dengan kuali".



My husband always laugh at me.

We stayed up to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

I enjoyed introducing the countries, so, I immitated the emcee and annouced, somewhat like this...



"The United States of Americaaaa!"

My husband was amused that I did that, "You ni, tengah-tengah malam ni..."

Me: What? You tak tahu ke masa kecik-kecik dulu I nak jadi pengacara?

Husband: (Laughs)

Me: Eyy...Biase lah ni. Masa kecik-kecik dulu you tak buat ke? I selalu tau buat announcement macam ni dengan adik I.

Husband: Tak, I tak buat macam ni.

Me: Boringlah you!

Husband: Macam-macam you ni...

Yes, he still has a lot to learn about his wife.



Mrs ARK said...

Dear, try buat ayam percik. Nampak susah but it's really easy. Chuck bahan-bahan dia dalam blender, blast, masukkan semua + ayam dalam kuali. Masak kejap sampai ayam separuh masak and air kering. Then bakar kejap dalam oven. Kalau xde oven, bakar kejap dalam non-stick pan.

the ectopy said...

sounds easy! tapi bulan puasa ni, kalau try recipe baru, pastu tak jadi, mesti stress. dahla tak boleh nak rasa dulu...

hari tu i tried to make steam chicken. not bad...tapi buat as side dish je sebab takut tak jadi