Friday, August 17, 2012


"The best people are the ordinary looking ones. That's why God creates so many of them."

When my friend, Ali, and I first heard this, my first reaction was to put one hand of my chest and said, "Awww..." Then, Ali looked at me and said that it was totally "Ayat menyedapkan hati orang common!" *Giggles*

"God does not give you what you want, He gives you what you need."

It makes me think that, whatever I already have, whatever is happening to me, I must really be needing it. Why else?

Anyway, I was having conversation with my colleagues. One of them was not happy with one of my colleagues who was not in the picture at that time (mengumpat lah tu...) He said she gets angry over the littlest of things. Then he got angry thinking about it.

We were trying to cheer him up, so we told him things like, "Just forget about it..." "Sabar je lah..." "It's just her personality..." "Dia PMS kot masa tu..."

Then, one of us told him this:

"Ala...Perempuan memang macam tu. Kau belum kahwin lagi kan? Kalau dah kahwin nanti, sekecik-kecik benda pun boleh sampai gaduh besar! Hal kecik gila pun..."

Say whaattt?!


I told them about my friend in university who got married early, then she was diagnosed with a disease that prevents her from getting pregnant. She, then, told her husband that he is allowed to marry another one. The husband was in glee...

Colleague: Tu memang hak laki tu lah. Biarlah dia nak kahwin banyak pun.
Me: What did you say?! *Half yelling* Perempuan tu tengah sakit kot!
Colleague: Okay, Feminist...
Me: Memanglah! Kita mana boleh biar lelaki pijak-pijak kita! I terasa lah jugak. I pun couldn't get pregnant yet! Does that mean my husband can marry another suka-suka hati?

We later attended a complicated client.
Complicated because that client has another wife but wants his son to support him. But there's some communication problem because the son and the stepmother can't properly sit down and discuss, semuanya pakai a third party, so things get really delayed.

I told my colleague who made the above comment, "See...That's why you should never kahwin suka-suka hati..."

Haha. I won!

Before ending this post, tiba-tiba teringat satu kejadian.

Pakcik, our client, said he didn't have money.
We found out that he has a wealthy stepdaughter who holds a high position job, earning a 5-figure salary.
The stepdaughter was upset we treated the pakcik like a poor person.
(Of course, jatuhlah maruah dia tak jaga mak bapak kan...)
We said, we didn't know, pakcik said he didn't have family.

"Dia tak mengaku I ni keluarga dia? Memang dasar tak kenang budi!"

Drama masyarakat.

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