Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last night, I coudn't sleep, so I stalked colleagues on FB.
Which led me to our common friends that I've lost contact with, so I stalked them too.

I don't think I was popular in school, but I did hang with the cool crowd. If I was indeed popular, it was definitely not because of my looks.

Anyway, towards the end, I decided to stalk myself. How would somebody perceive me if they stumbled upon my FB page?

I'm a sleeping active user in FB. Which means, you can rarely see me update, but I do log in often to see what other people are up to.

So, anyway, I browsed through my photo albums that consist my past. My past was beautiful. I went to beautiful places, met beautiful people, and I looked better. I have lost weight unintentionally over the years.
Now I yearn for a little bit of more flesh on the cheek, a little bit of more glow on my skin, a little bit more style, a little bit more money, a little bit more time, just like what I had back then.

After I stalked myself, I guess I wasn't too bad...
I also realized, even in pictures, I have very, very few girlfriends.

People who stalk me must think I am such a whore.


While I was stalking people, I thought of how some people are still single. I mean, I find there's nothing wrong with them, I'd totally date you, you, you, you, you too, if I was still single. Why not?

Then, I thought of matchmaking people.

But my matchmaking skills suck.

I don't know how to break the news to my friend, Juwita, and this guy, that I think matchmaking them would be a great idea.

The last time, I tried to set up Juwita with my ex-colleague, Joey. The date went well. I was there too. We had great conversations and we karaoke-d. They were totally comfortable with each other presence.

But, Joey didn't call Juwita after that day. I don't know why.
And my matchmaking story ended there. Hanging.

Eventually, we found out Joey is now bestfriends with Juwita's ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend and Joey met only after the date, they had chemistry and became instant close buddies. What a small world.
Epic fail on my part!

Juwita also went for several other blind dates set up by my other friends. There were all fruitless.

Probably, Juwita is done with all this shit. So, I am afraid to even suggest, "Hey, I have this new colleague, I think you guys will be great together!"

But my colleague would be such a waste if I didn't grab him fast and give it to my friends in need!

Haha. Okay, so, now, I am objectifying my colleague like he's just a piece of meat.

But, really, he's tall and charming. Really.

Maybe, I can get him into my circle and introduce him subtly to my friend. That's what I did everytime with my new friends and existing friends, except that I never tried to set them up before.

This time it's quite tricky because I am not in my hometown. How the hell am I supposed to get everybody hang out and be merry when I am so far from my existing friends!

Probably Hari Raya would be a good excuse. Hehehehe...


The Tea Drinker said...

there's always google hangout, ect. ;)

~Beb~ said...

Hahahahaha xde niat tapi ter kenen2 kan kwn2.. Alhamdulillah.. Ade 4-5 couples yang dah ke jinjang pelamin and beranak pinak. Kebetulan kot! Btw selamat hari raya ectopy :)

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