Sunday, May 29, 2011

awesome night

I really don't mind if I didn't have a bachelorette party, but I am very glad that my lovely friends threw a 'surprise' party for me.

I had seen it coming. My friends could not lie properly.

The crowd should have been bigger but many did not make it due to a funeral of a colleague in Penang.

It was a sad morning, finding out the sudden death of him. His wife, who works in the same building, cried uncontrollably, asking us to wake him up. It dropped my heart seeing her, whose marriage is only 6-month-old and a baby in her belly.

Never drink and drive. Never get in the same car with a drunken driver.

When she decided the husband will be buried in Penang, some of my friends/ colleagues went to accompany her.

I could not imagine myself being in her place. May my colleague rest in peace. May she be strong enough to get through this.

The venue of my party was in Solaris Damansara.

My friend, warned me beforehand, "It is a fancy restaurant, so dress to kill."

"But we are wearing white tops and jeans, how do you dress to kill?" I asked.

Stumped, my friend replied, "You know, just add chains and whatever!"

Yeah, right.

When I arrived, my other friends were puzzled, "Why is the celebrated one looks the same with the rest of us?"

And nobody wanted to admit who gave away the surprise and the dress code to me. Believe me, it was not only one person to be blamed, but two!

Like any hen party, I had a crown and a sash. The team was Hawaiian so my friends distributed tutu skirt for me and flowers for the boys and girls. We had the typical 'dirty bunny' cupcakes and we talked and laughed until it was 2am when everybody began to get sleepy.

Man, we are old, we have lost the talent of no sleep but party all night long.

In the end, Brad P told me the people who was supposed to come, ie: my colleagues.

I am happy nevertheless, because it will be a little bit awkward to combine my friends with people at work, what the hell were we going to talk about, how was I going to keep both parties entertained.

I'll leave that happening at my wedding.

On the way back, I was in the same car with Brad P.

This is my colleague, who also turns out to be a great friend, well adjusted to my already existing friends.

We talked about the career we will have after this. I poured my heart of my fear regarding this permanent union with my boyfriend.

I like the talk.

The talk that made me reflect my decision to wed the not-so-perfect guy is perfect for me. The talk that made me realize that moving in a new town might not be so bad at all. The talk that confirmed that I have a wonderful, thoughtful, kind-hearted, mature husband-to-be that could take care of me.

When I arrived home, I texted a message to my boyfriend, telling him that I will never regret marrying him.

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