Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have no idea what to prepare for my wedding day.

Q1: You know, our friend Sasha went for this facial which uses crushed diamond. It will make your face glow...
Me: I am not going to for a facial.
Q1: Why not?
Me: I am scared if something goes wrong and I'll look ugly on my wedding day! Besides, I am not going to fall for this scam...Diamond facial? How much would that cost you?

Q2: Aren't you going to get a massage or something?
Me: No. No mandi bunga, no spa, no massage. I don't have time...

Q3: You should go remove all your facial hair.
Me: I have facial hair?!
Q3: No...But you should go threading. The make up will last longer. And go shape your eyebrows...But you have to ask his family first whether they'll let you or not...
Me: Hehehe...Even if he lets me, I don't think I want to mess with my eyebrows. They are fine...I will tell the make up artist to use make up to shape my eyebrows.

Q4: What will your contact lenses colour be?
Me: Er, I don't wear contact lenses.
Q4: Why don't you try 'hazel'. Or greenish grey...I will sponsor them for you! Just tell me what colour you want.
Me: But I don't know how to wear contact lenses.
Q4: It will make your eyes look bigger...They are the most important part of your face.

Me: I just want to do manicure and pedicure.
Q5: Are you going to Nail Parlor? When?
Me: Well, not now. Just before my wedding day.
Q5: When will you get your menses?
Me: Around that time. But I am not planning to put anything for my nails. I can request that can't I?
Q5: I think so.
Me: I've never been for a manicure pedicure before. But I can request for it, right? Because, what's the point, I'm going to have inai painted on my hands...

I am so, so sad that I can't be a typical bride-to-be. I really just don't care about anything.
I just don't want to be too different on my wedding day that people will be having a hard time recognizing me. I don't want to look like someone else in my wedding pictures.

I like how I look even though I used to hate myself when I was younger. I have come to terms that this is me and this is the best God has given me.

You know, everytime you look in the mirror, you should be reciting a doa, "Ya Allah, cantikkanlah peribadiku sebagaimana Engkau cantikkan wajahku ini."

If you think you are not beautiful, you are wrong. You are beautiful...

My boyfriend is really nice for putting up with me.

One time, I cried and cried because I didn't get my dream wedding dress.

He felt so bad that he promised me that he would find me one.

In the end, we didn't find any that we liked, but the fact that he was able to console me, he's truly my only one.

I accused him for dumping all the wedding burdens on me, forgetting the fact that he did almost 80% of my wedding. Eighty percent!

I am beginning to be the dependent wife. Haha.

Again and again, I am blessed to have this wonderful person as my soon to be husband.

I love it when he plays with the kids. He would kiss nieces and nephews and buy them ice creams and watches. These kids grow fond on him very quickly. Every time he comes, they will scream and make noise and wanting to be near him while whispering loud enough, "Nak aiskrim..."

Haha, damn cute.

He is also very generous with the compliments, constantly tell me how lucky it is to have me.

Just last week, he bought me a surprise bouquet of flowers because he thought he had not presented anything to me of late. On the note, typed,

"To my wife, Ectopy. I love you. With love, husband."

I could tell he was excited about the marriage.

His friend saw the flower bouquet in the car.

Friend: Bunga apa ni?
Him: Oh, ada orang bagi...
Friend: Orang bagi? Ni, tulis, "To my wife, From husband"...
Him: (Very embarassed) Tadi aku bagi dekat tunang aku lah...Saja je berangan dah kahwin...

So embarassing!

(I left the bouquet in the car because I couldn't be bringing the flowers on the aeroplane when my hands are full!)

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