Sunday, November 14, 2010


I love just sitting at home doing nothing. Er, if surfing the Internet is considered nothing.

My boyfriend called just now,
Him: Hai, Sayang!
Me: Hai, Sayang!
Him: Hai, Sayang!
Me: Hai, Sayang!
Him and I screaming: Hai, Sayanggggg!!!

(Laughs) I love it when we act silly together!

Me: You ni, layan je I...Cuba sekali sekala tu you tak layan I...
Him: I rasa you sayang I sebab I selalu layan you kan?


Him: Tengah buat ape?
Me: Tengok gambar orang kahwin. Abang, jom lah kahwin.
Him: Kita kahwinlah, Sayang...
Me: Cantiklah diorang ni kahwin. Mekap cantik, baju cantik...Tapi mahal lah...
Him: Agak-agak kita kahwin nanti, cantik tak?
Me: Mestilah I cantik! You, I tak tahulah...


Him: You ni, dari dulu sampai sekarang suka kenakan I! Walaupun I tak handsome, I tetap suami you tau!


I am in love.

Last week, I befriended with a colleague. She asked a lot about my boyfriend, and I willingly told her about him

Friend: Boyfriend you sounds like someone who is baik hati.
Me: Memang dia baik pun. I rasa kalau dia tak baik, mesti I dah tinggalkan dia. Because he
doesn't have anything else. He's not rich, not handsome, he is just so kind-hearted. (Smiles)

Friend: Why aren't you with Brad P? You guys would make a great couple.
Me: Because, if me and him were to happen, it's like bertepuk sebelah tangan. Eh, no, mana-mana tangan pun tak bertepuk. Besides, Brad P has too many admirers. He's genuinely nice to everyone.
Friend: Yes, I understand what you mean. I know he doesn't do it intentionally to play with their hearts, but some girls might take it wrongly.
Me: I can never imagine my boyfriend treating all girls the way Brad P does. Kalau dia buat jugak, siap dia!

Yesterday, I received a call from my good friend, Jack.
Jack: Cuti?
Me: Yes.
Jack: Plan apa hari ni?
Me: Tak ada plan lagi. Tengah tengok TV ni.
Jack: I baru balik kerja ni...Nak lepak kejap. Tak tahu nak ajak siapa.
Me: Your girlfriend?
Jack: Yeah lah! I totally forgot about her! Dah lama I tak contact dia!
Me: Oh, my God! Jack, tak baik lah buat macam tu!
Jack: Dia pun tak contact I jugak...Jom keluar.
Me: Pergi mana? I nak makan! I dah lama tak makan yang sedap-sedap!

And so, we decided to meet at Pavillion.

Jack: Hari tu, Samsul belikan chocolate Godiva ni untuk girlfriend dia.
Me: Oh, my God! Bencinya diorang ni! Bestnya jadi girlfriend Samsul!
Jack: I rasa, Samsul tu tak patutlah...
Me: What do you mean tak patut? Diorang bukannya ada problem pun kan...
Jack: Yeah, but I think Samsul is pampering his girlfriend too much. He's always buying things for her and she rarely buys him things...
Me: Biarlah!
Jack: I think, and this is not only me thinking, Samsul je yang gives all the efforts to make their relationship works.
Me: Samalah macam you and your girlfriend kan!
Jack: (Laughs) That's because she wants me, bukan I yang nak kat dia!

I don't know how else to advice this dear friend of mine.

Too many mistakes since the very beginning.

His girlfriend has been waiting for him for so long. Until one fine day, they went out, and the girl poured her heart out about liking him.
Jack was touched, but being the typical guy that he is, he was unable to refuse her. I mean, she is a girl, he is a guy, there was girl who was throwing herself at him!

The girl even cried in tears of joy/ gladness when he said that he would give it a try.


Once I found he is already in a relationship and the fact the girl cried in front of him, I told Jack that he better not breaks this girl's heart.

I know Jack and I know he is not so serious about this girl. I told him to take it slow and be truthful.

Jack said, "I am taking it slow. I told her this is a trial."

Yeah, right. He is not even being a good boyfriend to her so far.

I don't want to be a bad friend and lead him to a break-up, but I know sooner or later, things are going to get ugly. That's why I encourage him to call her, meet her, but he is always delaying it. I don't know whether he is intentionally doing it so that the girl would call it off instead of him.

I don't believe it will last and it will only cause pain.

And I don't understand why people want to rush into being in love just because "That person is nice, comes from a good family, has a good job."
People should wait until they meet someone who makes their hearts spark, not just because someone is there, so better grab him/ her.

You should be with the person who makes you truly happy. It's worth the wait.


sastraboy said...

jeles tahu, dengan kamu dan boyfriend kamu!

semoga kekal!


weed something out said...

oh sayang mari kita tengok wayang, raja ema tojang sebelah menyanyi dengan ceria!

have a good hari raya aidiladha! :)

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