Saturday, November 20, 2010

As much as sometimes, I wish to leave the country and work somewhere else, last night and today made me glad that I had not. I don't like the Malaysian working mentality, but I guess I have to make it tolerable.

1) Even though my aunt is nearing her 7th decade, she knows how to use Facebook. Ehem. Auntie moden ni...And so, she uploaded the photos of her and her spouse, touring Europe because I have a cousin who married a local and lives there.

Nice. I want to go there someday. Then, I saw the photo of another aunt (let's name her aunt number 2) who lives 24 hours away from Malaysia, also in Europe together with my aunt and uncle. But aunt number 2 is with a Mat Salleh. So, I guess, the Mat Salleh is her new boyfriend.

Aunt number 2 has two children, the first is even older than me. And now she has a new boyfriend, I didn't even know she was divorced because Mother told me she was not. I guess, the correct term to use is aunt number 2 and her husband bukan Melayu is separated.

Giving the state I am in right now, in terms of faith, I don't think I'd be able to resist all the temptations there are overseas. For me, the people who can survive far from their comfort zones, and still have their feet grounded, are the strongest people around. Their foundations are so strong that you could put them anywhere and they will still be the same.

I am fortunate to be protected by a familiar environment. Kalau tak, mesti dah sesat juga.

2) Last night, I received a call from Peter.

"Buat apa? Jom keluar minum?"
I asked, "Dengan siapa?"
"Dengan orang biasa lah..."

Orang biasa would be Peter, Zainal, Joe and I. We were classmates when we were in highschool. We were together for only two years, but I am so glad that we are still in touch after more than 10 years.

We used to be really close, but after school, we went separate ways. Peter were kicked out from school even before SPM (he sat for SPM in another school), Zainal went to Japan and Joe studied in a local university.

Peter is the one who always get people together. And he also includes me most of the time. Like last night. We meet up probably once a year, or once every three months, but our phone numbers never change and it is always easy to contact them.

See, I could never join the late night sessions if I were abroad.

However, I don't understand with the girls in my class. A couple of them are getting married in December and they don't even bother to ask for my address. Sure, their status says: "Please leave your address in my message box" but that's not enough! It's so not personal, so distant, so ajak-ajak ayam.

Don't ever do that! It's rude!

I've shared a couple years with them, they were like my sisters back in school. Maybe that's why it hurts me. If they had invited me properly, I would have taken a leave and willingly go as far as I have to just to be a part of their big days.

I won't do that to any of my guests. I would personally message them via phone or Facebook and say something like, "Hi. How are you? Just to let you know that I am getting married and it will be a great pleasure if you can come. It's a good excuse to see you after a very long time. I really hope you can make it" or something like that.

I wouldn't care if my fingers break for typing it to so many people as long as people can sense my sincerity in having them at my special ceremony.

I know Peter, Joe or Zainal will never do that to me. They will even ask me out for minum-minum before they tie the knot. I know this because Joe did ask us out the night before his engagement and we actually sat down and talk until 4am.

Entahlah. Perhaps girls just don't like me. I better stick to my male friends.

Or I should start growing up and learn not to care. It's just a stupid wedding. Tak payah la nak amik hati sangat.


cacah said...

I personally think that it's not a proper way to invite people to a wedding just by posting an FB status, like what u said. Wedding is a big thing, and the news about it should be distributed in a good and respectable way.


pel said...

Exactly! I pun mcm tak favor sangat orang ajak pergi wedding via event invitation at facebook or set a status je and me too pernah terfikir that if i were to get married, i will msg them personally to ask for address and send them invitation card!

baru la seronok sikit nak datang kan..