Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Italy vs Paraguay. Which team do you think will win tonight?"

"Italy!" I said.

He, not my boyfriend, asked me why. I don't know much about football, so, I said, "Because they are more good-looking. They are taller, nice bodies and all..." This is speaking from experience, in real life, even the normal citizens in Italy are to be drooled over.

"But football is not about who is taller or not. It is about how you play the game," he obviously know by now, I don't know shit about football.

"Uh-huh...But I still think Italy would win."

So, he made a bet with me. He was on Paraguay's side. "Do you know why? Because Italy is giving Paraguay half point if they draw."

Yeah, I don't even bother to know what that means.

The next day, I found out very early in the morning, that Italy won.

When we sat down together for work, he started to tell me how he overslept, when I suddenly interrupted him, "Italy won!" with a big smile plastering on my face, together with a victory sign.

"How do you know? Did you Google for the result?"

Yes, as a girl who doesn't know much about football, how can I know the result of the match so quickly?

"I have contacts, you know..." was my answer.

Later on, he left.

At 1pm, he picked me up for lunch. I invited my friend to join us, but my friend refused.

I chose the most expensive food on the menu, not because I was ripping him off, I just wanted to try the lamb shank. Besides, I was hungry, so I felt like having a big meal.

During lunch, I don't know whether it's just me, or, he was really, really flirting with me.

First, he winked at me.

Then, upon seeing me having difficulties cutting up my meat, he volunteered, "Do you want a surgeon to cut the meat for you?"

He is a surgeon. I didn't know he was, until he broke the news to me during the lunch.

And he did other things that flattered me!
It was nice. I mean, the things that he did for me. I wouldn't deny I was happy.

I don't know whether he did flirt, or I seorang je yang perasan lebih.

Lastly, he bought me two slices of cake, before dropping me off at my workplace.

At work, I jokingly told my friend that I had a date and told him the things that we did. "Tolonglah, nak termuntah okay!" he said.
"Come on, this is my side of story, which I exaggerated. It was not a date. It was completely professional. I je yang perasan. Besides, sangat coincident Italy menang..." I said.

"That was the trick he used on you to ask you out! Of course lah Italy yang menang!"


I quickly used my contacts. I found out the surgeon is going with with a pharmacist. Okay, so it was only me who overintepret the things that he did all along! Haha. Malu saya.

When I reached home, I called my boyfriend.
I wanted to tell him but he was on his way for his daily dose of football.

I told him not to go.

He promised me he would play for only 20 minutes.

I slept and woke up at 4am. Nobody woke me up for dinner. I don't remember whether my boyfriend did call or not. I think he didn't and assumed that I collapsed after a tiring day at work.
He is always like that. He lets me sleep when he knows I am tired.

So, I still haven't told him about my lunch.

It's 5am now and I am still writing.

I couldn't help but feel happy about my lunch date!

Actually, I am just happy that, finally, there's someone who would flirt with me!
(Wait, he was not flirting with me! I just THINK that he was)


Sue@Iza said...

hahahaha...doesn't matter if you think he's flirting with you or he's really long as you got to keep the happy feeling...

wd.bandages said... happy haaa.. good good..

fYZa said...

haha comeyla u punyer blog..suke!

cacah said...

i think he is flirting with you. he just said that paraguay will win that match when he was so sure that italy will win, because, he just want to go out with you.